Is it possible Mr. Lovable is already in my life?
Right in front of me or maybe you're in disguise

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone

... then

Charles and Keith wedges, unbranded fringe bag, secondhand skirt ( as a dress )

all the items is unbranded

Zara top and flats, unbranded bag and black fedora from aussie


Egypt =]

well, i took this picture ... i love the cloud.
Such a really beautiful sky.

me - my mom and brother and this picture was taken by my dad

it was winter and it's pretty cold, esp. the wind, but the sun still shine so bright. i like the weather.
Hello there!! i am back!!
Yes! i was sooooo busy lately.
ooh my God, i miss my blog so much.
These are some of my fave random photos.
Waw! i am so tired but still happy to updating my blog =]


Lack of sleep

Secondhand grey outer, Gaudi minidress, bright yellow Mulberry bag

Yesterday i had my night shift at the ER and just arrived at home few hours ago and now i am updating my blog. Posting new look to Lookbook and telling to the world i had a bad day. I just had around 2-3 hours time to sleep yesterday... waw! 
i've been through a lot, no, too much. 


stripes and heels

My mom bought me this comfortable jegging. 
The comfortness is to die for. Really.
I love it. 


denim jackets

Amril Ardi and me

Jensen - Amril - me - Ario - Intan

Lookbook Jakarta ^^,

Another great time with fashion geeks and Lookbookers from Jakarta.
When it was decided that the dress code was denim jacket
I am very confused about what to wear. 
Denim jacket is cool, but I do not really like hanging around wearing them. 
Well, the most annoying thing was when I arrived at the place we met, 
I was told that it's okey if not wearing a denim jacket. 
WHATSSS ??!!!  


 I always wondered what it was like being at the backstage of a fashion show of the world. Haha! You know, I really wanted to feel to be in the middle of hectic and busy atmosphere between the models, hair stylists and makeup and clothes by the world famous designers design hanging and ready to be exhibited and sold. I want to feel to be a regulator when the model must rise to the runway in a timely manner. I want to also be a stylist or even the model, so I can walk wearing beautiful and fantastic clothes on the runway that makes me drool and want to have it all.


 Well, I gave the title 'exhausting' because I was very tired half-dead these last few days.
But I'm still trying to keep my blog updated. 
I feel want to cry and resigned from the neurology, 
but my boyfriend said that when they noted it, it would make my name go to black list. 
So, with a heavy heart, I will still try to continue this struggle. 
Four weeks felt like four months. 

another look for LOOKBOOK


hey yo, diary ...

Today is my second day at the neurology department and you know what? I really do not like it. Very, very not like it. Although yesterday was my first day, but i immediately run my duty to night shift at the emergency room and finally ... I just came home a few hours ago and I immediately look for my task material for thisweek. Oohh wow! I was so sleepy today, I really need more time to rest at homeI'm not sure i can learn well in a state of dying like this. This all makes me wonder why there are sooooo many people who wants to becoming a doctor. There's something wrong about all this. My brain can not accept and find where do in medicine that can be said is interesting. I think all about it is boring. Fashion is the only thing that makes my brain work normally, the maximum and fast. I feel my creativity is very useful for the advancement of the fashion world.