my girl

Holla, my readers!!
I am clearly in a good mood now.
Because Phillip Phillips won the American Idol 11 !!
Goosshh!! I am so happy for him.
Jennifer Lopez maybe disappoint that Jessica Sanchez didn't win, 
but I don't care. Phillip is more talented and unique.
Congratulations to you Phillip!!

Enough about the idol thing...
Now, let me tell you about the inspiration of the look.
Well, yes, my inspiration is My Girl movie.
I watched it few days ago on Fox Family Movies.
One of my favorite movies since I was a little girl.
Floral shirt, lace vest and high waist jeans.
Aaah... I love it!

About the look..
I got the floral shirt from my boyfriend,
lace vest - magnolia,
unbranded jeans,
H&M satchel bag,
VNC oxford shoes - a birthday gift from my boyfriend.

I was so happy that when I saw the movie and realize that
I have the similar clothes with Vada in the movie.
So, I decided to post this outfit.
This is my own version of My Girl outfit, vintage but in modern way, I think.

xoxo adelle


small town hero


This time, I will share you my 'small town hero' videos, Phillip Phillips from American Idol 11.
I totally in love with him from the very beginning... the first audition.
He has such a sexy voice and he plays guitar.
He has the originality. He has his own version of every songs he sang.
So unique and interesting to hear.
Sooooo happy that he make it to the final, he sent Joshua home. Fantastic.
I know and I admit that Jessica Sanchez has such a very powerful voice and she's still 16 years old.
Which is crazy. The judges saved her from the elimination and they said that she's one of the best
singers in America.
I don't care about that such of things. I think Phillip is more talented, a true musician.
We always got something new and fresh every time he's singing on stage.
His performances always entertaining...


Phillip's audition

These are some videos of my favorite performances from Phillip...

U Got it Bad

He's ... lovable.


I know the original version of this 'beggin' song,
but Phillip's version is more unique and easy listening.

We've Got Tonight

You know why I love this performance.
This is so romantic and ... sexy. Haha!

.... aaaaand my favorite duet...

This Love

Somebody That i Used to Know

The other contestant that I like is Heejun Han.
At first I like him because he's a total funny guy 
and he's Korean (you know I really like everything about Korea).
Well, he also has a very nice voice.

The funniest audition ever ... the "Holywoooooooooooooooooooooooooood, I'm coming'
part, really, it is still makes me laugh seriously out loud every time I watch it.
Oooh my God...
He has a nice voice, funny attitude and I just found out today that he also Phillip's best
buddy during the competition. Such a lovely duo!!

The PP's PP thing is a total funny!!
Insanely, crazily and ridiculously funny...
Ohh my God... I just love this two buddies.
PHEEJUN. Bromance.

I hope that Phillip Phillips could be the next American Idol.
Lose or win, I am still on your side Phillip.
Let's hope for the best!!

xoxo adelle


it will rain

Happy sunday, my readers!

Today, I went to cinema with my family... and watched Safe, Jason Statham's new movie.
Well, the movie was ... okay. Not as good as his previous movies, but I pretty like it.
My favorite character from the movie is the little chinese girl. 
She's freakin' genius, her brain's like computer, she can remember numbers easily.
I wish I had a fantastic brain like that. Haha!
Ooh, and yes, I also dreams about having a fight ability like Jason Statham in his movies.
So silly...

Enough about my silly dreams ...
Now let me tell you about the look.
I am wearing tribal pattern sweater from SheInside,
H&M brown satchel bag,
Zara boots,
unbranded shorts, glasees and dreamcatcher.

Every pieces of this look are my favorite items from my wardrobe.
The sweater, shorts, boots, bags and the round glasses.
Another casual look for everyday activities from me.
Simple and easy to try.

It will Rain is one of my favorite songs from Bruno Mars.
I was listening to this song while I'm thinking about the tittle for this post.
So, I will put the music video here.

 Cause there'll be no sunlight
if I lose you, babyThere'll be no clear skiesif I lose you, babyJust like the clouds,my eyes will do the same if you walk awayEveryday, it will rain,rain, rain

xoxo adelle


Quote of the day...

Better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face 

than a friend who stabs you in the back.


How are you my readers??

Now, I want to share about the happening news in Indonesia.
Yes. it's about Lady Gaga's concert in Jakarta.
Some people banned her to do the concert and it makes most of Lady Gaga's fans disappointed
because they had bought tickets and it's quite expensive.
Some people who call themselves FPI considered that Lady Gaga embraced heresy and able
to influence her fans. 
What a ridiculous reason for me. 
I am not going to see her concert, but in my opinion it is very absurd to cancel
other people's concert with a non sense reason.

I think it's enough talking about Lady Gaga and FPI thing.
Now, I want to share my daily looks with you.
Almost everyday I took some details of my daily look to my twitter and path.
It's full of fun.

I love to do it after I dressed up...
Some people may think that this is a weird thing to do,
but I don't care...

By the way, yesterday I went to Grand Indonesia and some girls asked me
to take some pictures of me and my outfit.
Hhmm... so random and pretty awkward because I totally had no idea about them.
Well, at least they like my outfit.

xoxo adelle


Quote of the day...

" When you're up in life,
your friends get to know who you are.

When you're down in life,

you get to know who your friends are. " 

Provocative Pink

I am so happy today that I am finally decided to buy a pink color lipstick
 from Yves Saint Laurent. 
The color is really nice, it's provocative pink.

So, from now on, you will see me with pink lips really often... 
But still, in red lips sometimes.

Hopefully, the pink color fits my skin tone. Haha! 
We'll see... On my next post, as soon as possible.

xoxo adelle

Henna Dye

Happy sunday, my readers!
I hope you have a really nice weekend...

A few days ago, I came to one of my best friends engagement ceremony at Cikoko Church.
Well, I am happy for her and hopefully they will live happily ever after.
At first, me and some of my friends a little bit in shocked when we heard that she's getting married really soon. You know, they're decided to get married after around 2 months in relationship.
Is it enough to get to know each other in 2 months??

Next month, they will get married.
I hope everything is going to be okay.
I hope she's happy.
I hope they will become a great partner of life to each other.
I hope they will become a good parents in the future.
I am wishing all the best for her and her future husband.

Enough about my friend's wedding.
Now, let me tell you about my look today ...
Today I am wearing a really nice and comfortable Henna Dye dress from SugarLips Apparel.
The dress clearly fits to Jakarta's weather. It's short with comfy fabric.
SugarLips selling so many lovely dresses, tops and skirts.
I love every clothes on the site, like... I want all of them.
You can find any kind of nice clothes from their site.
Click here for more tempting dresses...

Happy shopping!!

Here are some details about the dress...
The ruffle,
The pattern...


This is my idea about how to wear the dress for hot and humid weather in Jakarta.
Put some ethnic accessorizes, long knitted vest, indian bag, round glasses and gladiator.
So simple and I am ready to go.

You can try, it's easy!

xoxo adelle




This was my churching outfit, yesterday.
Sooo vintage and flowy.
I loooove this dress.
I bought it at Mangga Dua with my bff 2 months ago
and this is my first time wearing this dress.
Sometimes I forgot what clothes I have in my closet.
Lame, I know.
I think I have to explore my closet more often from now on.

About the look...
I am wearing unbranded vintage dress,
H&M satchel bag,
June and Julia shoes.

" Vintage clothing is a generic term for new 
or second hand garments originating from a previous era. "

xoxo adelle


they're back...


My favorite band from Korea, CN Blue, they're back on track!
Here are some videos from their 3rd album this year...
I love this songs even though I have no idea what they're sing about.
But... I've already read the English version of the songs!
Love songs... I like it.

Still in Love - CN Blue

Hey you - CN Blue

The band members are good looking.
Gosh! 4 good looking guy in one band,
such a dream come true. Haha!!

Oooohh ... my ... GOD!!


mirror mirror

Good evening my readers.
How are you?
I hope you have a great and productive day.

Well, actually I am not really in a good mood today.
You know, it's quite stressing and depressing as a fresh graduated GP,
still waiting for my documents and then looking for a job ... as a doctor.

Please. Just. Shoot. Me

I think my talent in fashion is bigger than in medical world.
Working as a doctor is challenging, I like it, I swear.
Stitching someone's head, toes or even fingers, I've done that soooo many times,
and I admit it, I enjoy that.  I have that skill, as a general surgeon, maybe.
But, my true passion belongs to fashion. I hope you can see it.
Well, I hope someday my dream to work in fashion world will be come true.

About the look ...
I am wearing the brown daily coat from La delle Clothing,
H&M black polkadots tee and necklace,
Topshop bag,
Proopticals cat eyes glasses,
and Decimal Shoes..

About the title of this post...
Yesterday, I watched Mirror Mirror with my friends.
Actually it was a good and entertaining movie,
Snow White really beautiful and the prince is good looking.
Julia Roberts is my favorite senior actress.
at the end of the movie, right before I stood up and ready to leave the theater,
suddenly I heard a music ... and then Snow White starts to sing...
" I believe ... I believe ... "

Jeez, it sounds like dangdut music to me, which is not a good thing.
Well, in my personal opinion, the song really ... annoying and yes, funny.
I am so sorry to say that, it's just my opinion.

Well, that's it for now!
I hope this post will inspired you, my readers...

See you soon!

xoxo adelle