Pure black!

Hi readers!
Finally, my pure black Valentino rockstud flats is here... 
It is sooooo adorable and comfortable to wear. 
Oh my God... I deeply in love with this!! 

Shop the shoes here! 

Well, I bought this shoes in flats version because I will be wear this shoes as my casual or everyday shoes for everyday activities, so, I thought about the comfiness and it still make me look stylish at the same time. I am also still looking for the red on red version, but the heels version. I hope that I will find it somewhere through the internet. Wish me luck!

Haha! Sorry about the photos. I just can't control myself because when I turned on the camera, the lights were really good, so, I decided to took come pictures before filming the new shoes.
Haha! So random! But I had fun!

Thank you for reading the post and watching the video!
Have a good day!

xoxo adelle


shoe haul ^.^

Today, finally my 2nd video is finally uploaded on YouTube... after hours of waiting.
This time I will share my new shoes I bought from the vacation. Most of them are under HKD 100.

H&M duo
This one is kinda different from any other shoes I have. It has such a massive studs from the middle to the back side. The studs are quite sharp, so it hurts when you touch it... and yeah, the shoes also quite heavy. I think it's because of the amount of the studs. But I think it's a really great shoes.

ZARA - Trafaluc
This red shoes from Zara is clearly a lovable shoes. It's also available in black colour with black studs, but the red one is more eye catchy and it will give a pop up colour to your outfit. Another nice thing about this shoes is the heels, it's kitten heels, so that makes the shoes more comfortable to wear.

About this boots, my favourite part is the heels with chain detail. It looks kinda vintage because of the texture of the fake leather. Seems like it's been worn for years. It's available in grey and black colour, but the brown one is my hero.

The last one is everybody's favourite like almost around the world, hidden wedges sneakers.
The most famous brand for this kind of shoes is from Isabel Marant. This one is not Isabel Marant, but it looks similar. I really like the combination of the colours and it's seriously comfortable to wear.
LOVE it!!

So, yeah... this is the video about the shoe haul.
I will do another video about my new bags.
Wait for it ^.^

Thank you for reading and watching the video!

xoxo adelle


Hello again Hong Kong!

Hollaaa my readers!! How are y'all??
Now I am back from Hong Kong. Sitting in my room and can't wait to visit Hong Kong again next time. Today I will share with you about my days while I am in Hong Kong last week.
I was there for 5 days and 4 nights. Stayed in Imperial Hotel on Nathan Road. I had such a really lovely days and shopping experiences there. My mom even more excited to shop, haha! She spent so much money to buy shoes and clothes. So, this is gonna be a really loooong post!
I hope you'll not get bored!
Let's start!


Still the first day and I already got these lovely stuffs from H&M.
I loooove H&M, I also wearing pink suede shorts and pink blazer from H&M I bought from last year.


Had breakfast at a local restaurant. The foods are tasty!

One of my fave place to shop in Hong Kong. It's Fa Yuen Street Market.
You can find so many cool stuffs here, from clutches, shoes and sweaters.

Blue flats - H&M
From Fa Yuen, we're back to hotel and left our stuffs there and then we're going to Hong Kong Disneyland by MRT, my fave public transportation in Hong Kong.

Blue flats and two toned bag from H&M,
maroon jeans from Pull and Bear
Too excited or not??

... and we're ready to go! Had lovely time in Disneyland!


About what I'm wearing...
Black and blue blazer - H&M,
two toned bag - H&M,
sweater and black high waist - unbranded,
sneakers - unbranded.


So sorry about the face. I was having horrible headache that day.
I had to took medicine and thank God the headache gone few hours later.

Cat eye glasses from proopticals,
stripes sweater from H&M.

Still at the same day but I changed my outfit a little bit.

My brother and my mom ^.^
Some details from my outfit

Lunch time at my fave restaurant, Crystal Jade in Harbour City.
Sweet and sour fish fillet is a must try dish! Seriously tasty!!


Friday night at the city. My last night there and had to going back home in the morning.
Pretty sad to leave and I hope I'll be back there again, sooner or later.


Finally, here I am, at the airport, ready to go back to my country.
Wearing my new boots, Pull and Bear maroon jeans, Bershka camo jacket.
Comfy outfit!

Thank you Hong Kong!
I had such a lovely and full of fun shopping experience with you!
I'll be back again!

Thank you for reading!

xoxo adelle