Ripped jeans!

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For the last few weeks I can see that ripped jeans are back on trend! Many fashion lovers rocks their fave ripped jeans with their comfy tees, jackets and shoes. During my pregnancy, it is not easy to mix and match my regular casual clothes  esp. my ripped jeans! You know, it's a bit uncomfortable to wear jeans during pregnancy because it's so tight. But, I found a way, so I can still look pretty stylish even tough I have a baby bump hihi!
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So, few weeks ago I got this lovely boyfriend ripped jeans from BlackFive.com and I love it! I challenge myself to be more creative to wear my clothes and keep stylish during my pregnancy. It makes me happy when people said that I look good and fresh when most of pregnant women too lazy to dress up and put on some make up. Happy mommy = happy baby! ^.^
BlackFive is one of the authorities on global women's fashion clothing, is an online destination for it girls around the world. They sell cutting-edge 'fast fashion' as well as a wide variety of fashion-related items. In a word, BlackFive is all about fashion.
Their concept is latest fashion at the best prices. Their mission is to be the best at serving you, their customer. Their customers are their daily inspiration and they strive to serve them in ways never imagined. Their approach is: always serve, always build, always long term, always the beginning.

Stripey coat from La Delle Cloth, Ripped jeans from Blackfive.com, flatform by Zara.
Necklace by Pull & Bear, YSL lip gloss and lipstick, clutch from Hongkong, 

cat eye glasses is unbranded 

I think it's my very first look for my blog during my pregnancy… haha! You can see my huge baby bump! and also my darker skin… yess, my skin getting darker and darker during my pregnancy… many people said it is because I am having a baby boy, so I look uglier. Haha! 
* ooww… my baby is kicking me right now *

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Holla everyone! So happy to share with you one of my new bags from Michael Kors. Well, my dad bought me two bags when he went to USA and one of them is Hamilton bag by Michael Kors. Mine is in large size, which is great so I can easily put anything I need into the bag. Another lovely thing about the bag, it's in black and gold colour! 

photo source : google
The bag instantly become my fave because it goes well with any outfit I wear. 
So much in love! ^.^ 

Bag - Hamilton by Michael Kors
Sandal - VNC

So, what do you think about the bag?
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Healthy to the Core!

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Today I want to share with you about my exercise experience during my pregnancy… Well, even tough I am pregnant, doesn't mean that I can not doing my exercise routines on my day offs… So, few weeks ago I got a chance to try out some items from a local brand,  Core by Crystal. I must say that the fabrics are comfortable and the best thing about it is that they're (the fabrics) allow sweat to be pulled away creating a super comfortable and dry feel. 

Woman who care about their lives understand how to enrich their lives with various useful activities. An active lifestyle makes them feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin. Activities such as fitness, aerobics, yoga, zumba and any other activities make them feel fit and confident. This is how Crystal Activewear started, to fit every woman's active lifestyle.

Let me tell you more about the brand…
Founded in Surabaya, Indonesia in 1995, Crystal began as a manufacturer of aerobic and swimwear clothing's for women. The family owned business has since expanded its focus to include a wider range of active as well as casual wear for women of all ages, shapes and sizes (including pregnant woman…like me ^.^). Today, the Crystal brand is recognised as one of the leading activewear names in the nation. They also offer customization options allowing them to create activewear that meet every individual needs of their customers.

I am too shy to post and show you my look wearing these two comfy pieces.. haha!! But when I have my confident back, I'll post the photos here… I promise! (^^,)
My personal opinion about the products, the fabrics are extremely comfortable to wear for indoor and outdoor activities. A must have items!

Curious about the products?? Feel free to visit their site at www.corebycrystal.com !

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