Korean Beauty Box by Sephora


Today I want to share with you about K-beauty! Yeay! So, for the last few months I've been really into Korean skincare and makeup. My skincare routine from cleansing foam, toner, serum, moisturizer and masks... are Korean brands and they're really good.

Naahh... Today, I will share about Korean makeup, I'll share about the skincare soon on another blog post :) So, I got a lovely set... Actually a box from Sephora and the theme is Korean Beauty Box. In the box I got 5 items, a sheet mask, foundation, brow pencil, single eye shadow and a lipstick. I was challenged to do a Korean makeup look using these makeup products and I can mix it using my other makeup products... I mean, sure I need an eye liner, mascara and blusher to complete the makeup look, right?

So, usually, for special occasion when I need to look super good and I want my makeup looks flawless and long lasting, I put on a sheet mask an hour before I apply my makeup. I heard some good reviews about Dr.Jart+'s sheet masks and this pore cleaner sheet mask is my first mask from this brand. I've tried this mask and it is so good. The mask is a black mask and after few minutes had the mask on my face I can feel warm feeling and I think it means that the essence is doing its job... Cleaning my pores! Ha!! I left the sheet mask for about 20-25 minutes and I can see my skin looks brighter and clearer. Thumbs up!

The next item is a foundation from Sephora collection brand, Sephora brightening and hydrating foundation and I got mine in the shade no.26 Peach. This foundation is really good, I love it. On my skin, it gives me a really natural dewy look. Dry skin girl like me looooooove this kind of foundation and I am not sure if it's also great on oily skin because it is super hydrating and it will make you super shiny after few hours.

The coverage is buildable from light to medium, so if you have some acne scars and dark spots you're still need to use concealer. For application I prefer using a flat top kabuki brush because using beauty blender will gives you more sheer coverage and even more dewier look. Packaging wise, I like it because it comes with a pump so I can control how many product I need and also it is more hygienic. The only con about this product is it only has 20ml of product in it. I need another 10ml of goodness! Seriously!

Oh, yes, to make you look more fresh, don't forget to apply blusher... My fave is cream blush from Make Up For Ever because cream product really appropriate for dewy makeup look.

After doing my face makeup, I do my eye brows. I got an automatic brow pencil from the brand Sarange called Jaljinae?! I think it means 'what's up?!' In English. Mine is in the shade dark brown.
The brow pencil has double ended, the pencil and a spoolie. Using this kind of brow pencil is quite tricky because once it is not sharp anymore it is a bit difficult to get a very precise line. But once you get used to it, your eye brow game is getting stronger :p The brow pencil is very waxy, I can see one or two brow hairs are falling every time I use it, that's how waxy it is. Make sure to brush the brows with the spoolie to get a natural brow look.

Next is single eye shadow from Sephora brand. I got mine in the shade no.81 Sunday Brunch, which is a very beautiful bronzy gold color. I am not a master of describing colors :p but the point is it is a lovely color. It is so pigmented and long lasting even without eye primer. I can not say anything bad about this product.

Well, for the makeup look, I also use a black shadow from Maybelline and a jumbo pencil in the shade yoghurt from Nyx for my under eye area. You know, Korean girls loves to apply shimmer products on their under eye area to make them look younger and cuter.

Next is lip product, another item from Sarange brand, the lipstick is in the shade no.4 Pink Violet. The first time I tried the lipstick... I don't like it, because it has gold shimmer in it and I felt like the shade didn't match my skin tone, but after few times I use it, I like it... Even  though it doesn't look good for my skin tone, but the formula is very comfortable, not drying on the lips and it smells lovely.

... and finally, the makeup look :)

I like to wear glasses, the huge one... so here are a couple photos with the glasses on :)

In my opinion, all of the products in the box are good and worth to try. You can find all the products on sephora.co.id ... 
And get free shipping if you spent more than IDR 200K! 
* I love free shipping! Lol *

Thank you for reading and have a good day everyone!

xoxo adelle