Meet up!

Happy Sunday everyone! Las night I had a fun meeting with my fellas from Lookbook Jakarta at FatBack, FX. We were discussed about our next big event... I can't tell you now about the details, it's still a secret. Just wait and we will announce the event in months. 
So, yesterday, I wore some lovely pink pieces I have combined with my plain black pencil skirt.
I got the cute ice cream colours top and neon pink necklace from xFemmex, Singapore. 
Femmex started out as an alternative fashion store for girls who just want to be different. A journey that all fashion adventurous girls embark on for their ultimate style destination and they takes all that edge and make it into something even better.
FEMME means ‘female’ in French.
From fabric to thread count, style, cutting and design, every detail is painstakingly taken care of in every production and sewing. You can be assured that style always comes with substance in every piece of Femmex clothing.
Click HERE to see the lovely and tempting products ^.^

Femmex ice cream top - shop from here,
Femmex pink neon rope necklace - shop from here,
pink blazer - H&M

Good news for you! Femmex is doing a contest to win $100 shopping spree!
Feel free to join the contest! 
Here are the terms and conditions ^.^

Good luck to all of you!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle


G Dragon Live in Jakarta!

I am totally in happy mode right now because finally I can share with you my unforgettable and full of fun experience watching G Dragon's concert last Sunday. I think it's the best concert I've ever seen. Seriously. The costumes, dancers, sounds, lighting and the stage... are the best. 
Me and my friend had such a really great time, especially when TOP coming out to the stage. Ahahaha! 
He's totally...seriously...and incredibly good looking. G Dragon is also good looking, but Top is still my number one favourite and G Dragon is the second. Haha! 

blue bracelet from Bracelet d' Amitie
you can see a creepy bug on my tee ... oh gosh! 
A friend sent me One of a Kind tee and a BigBang jacket the day before the concert and I decided to wear the tee to the concert, it's glow in the dark! Cool, huh?! Haha! 
You can visit @Popkoreans page and order the same cool tee if you want one.
I also wore my fave Zara black skirt and sneakers to the concert. So comfortable!
I saw some girls wearing high heels to the concert and me and my friend were like ... are you crazy girls? We're going to watch G Dragon and we're in festival class which means we have to stand around 3 hours ... insane. 

The only thing that I don't like about the concert is that we were not allowed to take pictures and videos using any kind of cameras and phones, but most of the fans still used their phones to take pictures and videos. Haha! So, I am sorry if the photo quality is not really good, I only used my iPhone to take the pictures and videos. 
I did my best to get the best moments from the concert to share with you. 
I hope I can post the videos soon ^.^ ... just kindly wait for it.

So sad when the concert is over... haha! It's so good to see G Dragon and Top on stage.
G Dragon is such a really multitalented young man!

Thank you for reading.
The videos are coming soon.

See ya!

xoxo adelle 


tweed me...

Lately, I've been a bit busy preparing my wedding gown and kebayas. I love my wedding gown, it's so simple with cherry red bow on the back side. I'll post the photos after the wedding day. Wish me luck for the wedding! I hope everything is going well from the start until the end ^.^

Another day to share another look and today I am wearing my own designed coat. It's just a simple coat or outer but I love it because of the pattern and colours. Living in Jakarta but love to wear winter clothes is a bit problem for me, that's why I am wearing black tights with the coat to make it more comfortable to wear during Jakarta's weather.

About the look...
own designed checkered coat,
H&M brown satchel bag,
unbranded hat and glasses,
X(s.m.l) rings.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day everyone!
See ya..

xoxo adelle


navy and skull

Holla Wednesday!
It's Wednesday... right?? Am I wrong??
Well, skull print is quite happening now. Some of them are in cute way and some of them are edgy.
This time I am wearing matching skull print shirt and skirt from La delle Clothing. For me, it is so fun to wear matching print outfit and put something with pop up colour by wearing bright colour bag or necklace or coat and even shoes. Neon colours always works with dark colours, so why don't you try it yourselves, do some experiments looks. 
I am always wearing simple clothes but love to play with my accessories and wear nice shoes.

 About the look...
skull print shirt and skirt from La delle Clothing,
navy coat - birthday gift,
statement necklace - H&M,
neo clutch - Miu Miu.

Thank you for reading.
Have a good day!

xoxo adelle


checkered trend

Another featured! This time a fashion site named yournextdress.com wrote about 'How to Wear Checkered Dresses' and I am one of the fashion blogger who really like to wear clothes with checkered prints since Louis Vuitton's checkered hit the runway! Love 'em!

Follow the checkered trend and get your own checkered items from La delle's new arrivals.
The checkered edition only available in limited stock, so no need to think twice, grab your phone and text them at 08121053487 to place your order.

 Have a good day everyone!
See ya..

xoxo adelle