twenty six!

I am so happy right now because I just turned 26 years old around 33 minutes ago, it's 00.33 AM here.
My boyfriend just came and bought me a huge tiramisu cake and a lovely watch for me. I will share it on my instagram account in the morning. By the way, I can not believe that I already 26 years old now. Gosh! Feeling so old... Haha! Well, I hope that I'm getting better and better as a person, as a friend, as a daughter, as a girlfriend, as a doctor, as a blogger, as a fashion stylist and soon to be as a wife. May God always bless me, my family and my beloved ones. Let's say AMEN to that!

About the outfit...
La delle Clothing monochrome boyfriend blazer,
La delle Clothing maroon shorts,
unbranded wooden necklace, glasses and hat.

Another easy and comfy look to try...
Have a good day my readers!

Thank you for reading.
See ya!

xoxo adelle


pattern and texture

Holla everyone!
How you doing? I'm doing this post while having my breakfast, in front of my television while watching E! News. Haha! So, today I want to share with you another look ... an easy look to try.
I named the title of the post is pattern and texture because I am wearing lovely patterned top and shorts texture from La delle Clothing's new collection. Well, actually I really like the combination of these two together and surprisingly it's comfortable to wear even with Jakarta's hot and humid weather. 

Miss Selfridge black fedora hat,
unbranded wooden necklace,
La delle Clothing zippy cropped top,
La delle clothing maroon high waist shorts. 

I think that's it for now.
I will post another looks wearing lovely clothes from La delle Clothing real soon.
Thank you for reading!
See ya!

xoxo adelle


event buddy..

This is me and my friend, Genu. 
We always meet up to attend fashion events and we always have time to shop together. Haha!
Always had a good time together since both of us crazy about fashion.

Coincidently wearing tiger sweater, black skinny jeans and shoes.
We were like, 'ooh my God! Edaaaann! ', we also wore red accessories. I was wearing my red bag and he was wearing his red foxy ear hat. What a funny moment.

Thank you for reading.
See ya!

xoxo adelle


current obsessed

Lately, I am seriously in love with some of today's fashion trends.
So, I will share with you about my personal obsessed.

1. Mirrored sunglasses

I have my own mirrored sunnies from Pull and Bear with doff white frame with orange mirror glasses.
I will make another post with me wearing the sunnies. I've been lookin' for this kind of sunnies since months ago but I just found my fave colour orange glasses at Pull and Bear, so I just bought it right away. No need to think twice!

2. Kenzo sweatshirt

Yes! I'm still obsessed with this one. I already got mine few weeks ago and I will took some pictures wearing my green tiger sweatshirt soon. Just wait for it!

3. Louis Vuitton checkered dresses

Some of you may like it and some of you don't, but I really like this checkered dresses. Really like the patterns and the bright colours. Well, I'll try to find an affordable dress with this kind of pattern in black and white. I'll share with you when I got the dress!

4. Wearing dress over pants/ jeans

Well, actually I have no idea what to say about this trend, is it a nay or yay, but I found it pretty challenging to rock this kind of look by wearing your dress over your pants or jeans. It's quite difficult but some people can pulled out this kind of look really well. I'll try to mix and match my dresses with my pants or jeans and if it's quite good, I'll share it with you. Wish me luck!


5. Boy London

I'm quite a big fan of Boy London, but since it's quite difficult to get the good one here in Indonesia, so I don't have many Boy London clothes. Actually, I really want to have another black Boy London sweatshirt with it's logos all over the sweatshirt. I've been looking for this for months. So, please, Indonesian readers, if you have any information about where to buy this kind of Boy London sweatshirt in Indonesia, please, feel free to leave a comment here or email me about it.

Well, I think that's it for now.
Thank you for reading.
Have a good day.
See ya!

xoxo adelle


beautiful hangover

Hello again!!
This time I'd love to share with you about stuffs that I bought from Miss Selfridge re-opening event.
So, I decided to buy black fedora hat, white sweater with bow detail of the front and mini skirt. I absolutely love them!! So simple but extremely comfortable to wear. I was thinking about to buy a dress but end up buying these easy to wear items. No regret!

About the look ...
Miss Selfridge hat, sweater and skirt,
New Look leather back pack and rings,
unbranded glasses and shoes.

Another easy breezy comfy look to try. It's so simple but still stylish at the same time.

About the title of the post... I'm not in a hangover mode or anything like that. Haha!
I'm listening to Big Bang's song, Beautiful Hangover while writing this post and decided to use it as my post title. I never got drunk, so, I've never been in that kind of hangover situations (^^,)

Thank you for reading!
Keep stylish.
See ya!

xoxo adelle

Miss Selfridge!

Hi, my readers!
Last week, I've been invited to Miss Selfridge re-opening event at Senayan City. 
This time they're open with new concept and collections ... and I really like it. I think this time they have many collection of feminine and lovely dresses. I also love the skirt, blazer and sweater collection. I just want to have all of them for myself. Greedy mode seriously on.
They also treated the guests with various of yummy cakes and fresh lemon squash. 
I had a great day with Miss Selfridge!

Well, yeah, another lovely treat from Miss Selfridge for me... shopping voucher!!
Aaak!! Thank you!!!
Well, I bought lovely stuffs using the voucher... I'll share the stuffs on the next post.

Bethanny Putri ----- me ------- Genu

About the look...
Miss Selfridge hat,
Sheinside tribal sweater,
Sswank asymmetric skirt,
Issey Miyake - Bao Bao bag,
unbranded ankle boots from Hong Kong.

So, girls, if you like to wear dresses, jumpsuits, blazers, sweater or feminine skirts, I suggest you to check out Miss Selfridge's new collection at Senayan City. You'll go crazy and confuse about which clothes you should have for yourselves because all of them are cute!

Thank you for reading!

xoxo adelle


love dust

Holla, my readers!
So, this time I will share with you another look with you.
Actually, this was my outfit from yesterday and as you can see that I wear that red shoes a lot. Well, I really love the shoes. Love the red color and the gold studs detail, the most important thing is that it has kitten heels... awesome! I decided to wear my camo print jacket with my electric blue jeans to make it look more playful and eye catchy at the same time, because I would be quite boring if I'm wearing my black or brown jeans with this kind of jacket.

About the outfit...
Bershka camo print jacket,
Zara red studded heels,
New look rings,
Tangerine Room arrow bracelet,
birthday gift Indian necklace,
unbranded clutch I bought from Hong Kong.

So, now I wanna share with you about my new job at Mouniche skincare and spa as an aesthetic doctor. YEAY!! I'm kinda love my new job. I love to help people and make them look more beautiful and have a healthy skin at the same time. Although I'm there only on Saturday, I hope that they will give me more practices schedule there. Haha! Well, if you have any skin or over weight problem, feel free to come and meet me there on Saturday. I'll be there and do my best to help you!

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day. See ya!

xoxo adelle