i am sorry...

Holla everyone!

I just want to say I am sorry if I didn't or forgot to reply all your comments on my blog post. I've read all of them via email and when I logged in to my blog I often forgot to replied. I did check out all your blogs and sometimes I left a comment when I have much time blogging. As you know that I also working as an aesthetic doctor and now I am a wife, I often don't have much time checking out my blog. Usually after finished a blog post, I logged out and forgot to reply the comments. I am so sorry. From now on I'll try to remember to check and reply all your comments. I hope you understand.

I am also thinking about to change my blog name and design as soon as possible when I got back to Jakarta. I feel like I am changed since I got married. Now I am really into beauty world, I am still love fashion but lately, I like to try out many beauty products and wrote about it. So, my next new blog concept is about Fashion & Beauty. 

I hope that everything is going well.

Thank you for reading and the understanding!
Have a good day lovely readers ^.^

with love, Adelle 


SK-II Facial Treatment Reapair C

Last week, I went to SK-II counter in Surabaya to get my skin checked using the magic ring.
It was the first time and thankfully the result not really bad... I think. I have problem with my texture refinement and it equal 31 years old woman's skin -__-" ...well, it's bad.
I've been using facial treatment essence for months and their serums and moisturisers since August.
I have no idea what will happen if I don't treat my skin really well, maybe I'll have 50 years old kind of skin as the result. 

I got some sample size products and one of them was this Facial Treatment Repair C. At first I thought 'C' stand for Vitamin C, but it's not, it is for 'Concentrate'... it works as a serum and it moisturised my skin really well. I use this after FTE and before my other serums. Even tough it's just a sample product, it comes with fancy bottle and I like it. I am planning repurchase this product because it did a great job to my skin!

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle


An eye on you...

Holla readers!
So glad that finally I am back. Finally got a quite good internet connection here -__-'

I am so happy that today I can share another look with all of you. 
As usual, it's a simple and comfortable look. It was my churching outfit.

First of all, I wanna tell you that this is not a real Kenzo Eye pullover. Yes, it's a fake one.
I have my own reasons why I decided to get the fake one, well, it's because I think that the trend is seasonal. It won't lasts forever, so, I won't spend much money (well, it cost millions) just to buy a pullover and I know that I will just wear it couple times. I am easy to get bored sometimes. 
I am also a newlywed and need to save money, so, I can still follow the trend without spending too much money by getting the fake one.

I can not lie that the eye edition from Kenzo are cute and cool. I really like it.
By wearing this kind of cool piece, you don't need trying too hard to look good. Pair them with shorts, skirts, jeans, heels, sneakers, etc ... this pullover definitely will still become the hero and you'll look good and stylish... automatically. 

Well, you know what I mean ...

What i wore...
Kenzo eye look a like sweater - Platform Store,
Navy skull print shirt - La delle Clothing,
black high waist pants - unbranded,
black shoes - unbranded,
Bao Bao bag - Issey Miyake

reference photo - Tae Yang 'Big Bang' and Mademoiselle Yulia
wearing Kenzo eye pullover
So sorry for photos quality, it was taken using my iPhone.
Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment.
Have a good day!

xoxo adelle


skincare routine - morning and night

Hi everyone!
First of all, I want to tell you that this is not sponsored post, this is my own skincare regime… so, yes, I am a SK-II’s user.

Well, I had a really dull skin, pimples and acnes wasn’t my prior skin problems. So, I have tried so many skin care products from The Body Shop, The Face Shop, L’oreal, etc … but none of them improved my skin, until I finally decided to give a try to SK-II and I started to use the Facial Treatment Essence since January, 2013. I thought SK-II products are only used by women above 35 years old, well it’s not, I heard that SK-II target markets are woman above 25 years old.
SK-II products costs a bomb. Yes, all of them are expensive. That’s why I’ve been searching online the guidelines how to apply every each product correctly.

Personally, I prefer to use skincare from the same brand, so at least I know that they’re compatible with one and other.

However, to get the best result, it’s really depending on the individual preferences and skin conditions. The only way to develop a successful skincare routine is to choose which works best for your skin types and needs.

These are my personal morning and night skincare routine …

Step 1
Facial Treatment Cleasing Gel
(usually I use this at night)

I’ve tried the cleansing cream but this cleansing gel is the best. It’s a water-based cleanser that takes away makeup and grease, in my opinion more effective than the cream one. After I rubbed it on my dry face, with my make up on, I spray the Evian water on my face and massaging my face and neck. 

Step 2
Facial Treatment Gentle Clenser
(morning and night)
 I’ve been using this gentle cleanser for months and instantly became my favourite. 
Everytime after I wash my face, my skin feels so clean and fresh!
Highly recommended ^.^

Step 3
Cellumination Mask-in-Lotion
 I use this as my toner. It has thicker consistency from the clear lotion.

It's said to act as a 15-minutes mask for 15 seconds application. 
It also clean up the residue or make up traces. 
Everytime I use this, my cotton is dirty, which personally I think the product is doing its job!

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

 This one is also a toner from SK-II and it has watery consistency. 
It contains AHA which is a very gentle product that removes dirt and dead skin cells! 

Step 4
Facial Treatment Essence
(morning and night)

 This is the SK-II’s famous product, the ‘Miracle Water’, it contains 90% Pitera and it’s a must have regime, eventhough you’re not using SK-II’s facial wash or toner or serum or any products from them, this facial essence is totally a must have.
I love this product as it helps my skin look smooth, radiant and crystal clear. My skin feels fresh from the inside as it is absorb into my skin.
How to use this product : pour the product onto your palms and pat your face with it till it’s all absorbed - to minimize product wastage.

Step 5
L’Occitane Divine Eye-Cream
(morning and night)
 I’ve been using this eye cream for around 3 weeks and still have no idea if it’s reduce my dark circle and eye bags or not. I’ll wait for the next few weeks and see the improvement. 
I hope that this one will works really well!

Step 6
Whitening Spots Specialist
(morning and night)

 It's said to work against future invisible spots hidden beneath your skin. I use this to prevent black spots because my mom had a massive black spots on her chins and was using laser to get rid all of them. I don’t want to have the same problem in the future and better be playing around with this serum and still have spotless skin when I am 40 or 50 or even at 60-70 years old.

Step 7
Cellumination Essence EX
(morning and night)

Yes, I am using 2 different serums in my skincare routine.
I use 1 full dropper of this, and gently massage it over my face. It takes a while to absorb, 
but doesn’t leave any sticky feeling and doesn’t have an unpleasant smell.

Step 8
 This cream is supposed to erase multiple signs of aging and restores skin firmness. 
I use this to prevent my future wrinkles. My skin feels so moist and supple everytime after using this cream!

Cellumination Deep Surge EX

 I use this as my moisturizer in my morning skincare routine.
It leaves a matt and refreshing feel on my skin and would be really suitable for those with combination and oily skin. I recommend to use this if you have dull and uneven skin problem.

Step 9
Cellumination Day Surge UV

It contains the Aura Bright Cocktail D which provides effective brightening effects on skin – the ingredients in the Aura Bright Cocktail D serve to correct the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) balance in skin so as to create a luminous visage. It has a light, easily spreadable consistency – like that of a fresh lotion. 1 – 2 pumps is more than sufficient for the whole face.

Step 10 – Finally! Haha!
SK-II masks
Every once a week I always pampering my skin with SK-II masks at night. Facial treatment mask is my favourite it moisturised my skin really well and in the morning I can feel that my skin extremely soft and supple. 

I want to try another SK-II products from Stempower pack, but we'll see. Their products are quite expensive. Haha! But, yeah, I can't lie that the products improved my skin conditions.

Well, I hope that this post helps!
Thank you for reading.
xoxo adelle