Henna Dye

Happy sunday, my readers!
I hope you have a really nice weekend...

A few days ago, I came to one of my best friends engagement ceremony at Cikoko Church.
Well, I am happy for her and hopefully they will live happily ever after.
At first, me and some of my friends a little bit in shocked when we heard that she's getting married really soon. You know, they're decided to get married after around 2 months in relationship.
Is it enough to get to know each other in 2 months??

Next month, they will get married.
I hope everything is going to be okay.
I hope she's happy.
I hope they will become a great partner of life to each other.
I hope they will become a good parents in the future.
I am wishing all the best for her and her future husband.

Enough about my friend's wedding.
Now, let me tell you about my look today ...
Today I am wearing a really nice and comfortable Henna Dye dress from SugarLips Apparel.
The dress clearly fits to Jakarta's weather. It's short with comfy fabric.
SugarLips selling so many lovely dresses, tops and skirts.
I love every clothes on the site, like... I want all of them.
You can find any kind of nice clothes from their site.
Click here for more tempting dresses...

Happy shopping!!

Here are some details about the dress...
The ruffle,
The pattern...


This is my idea about how to wear the dress for hot and humid weather in Jakarta.
Put some ethnic accessorizes, long knitted vest, indian bag, round glasses and gladiator.
So simple and I am ready to go.

You can try, it's easy!

xoxo adelle


  1. uh wow after 2month to decide to married .. wow XD
    but some people know it when they meet their soulmate for life :D
    and the outfit looks perfect on you :D
    the dress is so adorable and you combined it very well with the belt and shoes
    it reminds me soo on summer >,<


  2. love the pattern of your dress ! :))


  3. love the pattern!
    you look cute in that dress :D


  4. such a nice outfit! followed you already, follow my blog anyway. thanks :)