Quote of the Day

Loving and having a relationship

isn't just about gazing at each other,

but looking forward together,

at the same direction.

black boots

it's just the dress + bow belt, bowler hat and my black boots!
I do not intend to tie my hair. now I will just let it loose. I'm lazy to look so trendy, so Ijust wear this minidress and my favorite boots.



i can feel the spring air

enjoying the day wearing floral top and layered outer, black skinny and sunnies...



Guys usually go for girls based on looks, 
but in the long run, 
it's the personality that wins the battle.

please, feel free to add  comments about the statement =]



(x) SML heels

Yes! The heels is insane ... well, for me, it's to 'high'. But, i love it. 
The loose cardigan is my fave. 

Honestly, i have no idea what to say now ... my brain doesn't work properly now.
I'm too tired and need some time to sleep. To recharge my energy to do something that i hate in the morning. Wake up early, going to hospital, taking care other people's babies, do non sense assignments, etc ... so, now i'm updating my blog instead of studying. Haha!! i don't care ... i don't want to become a doctor,, i want to enjoy my life, doing something that i like ... 


sunday morning

UP shoes

I had brunch at Eat & Eat, Gandaria City this morning, with my family.
Wearing those kind of clothes and i feel so comfortable. I took this picture at the restroom,
while i'm waiting for my mom. The shoes is nice, 9 cm but i can still walking as good and normal as 
a girl with flat shoes. Hhhmm ... it's a must have wedges. ^^,

talking to the moon

Leopard semi leather jacket from Bloop, Zara black tank, shorts from Ps. Baroe

Hello,, this would be my newest look after ... weeks. Kinda simple, as usual. 
I love the jacket soooo much. It was the last piece when i bought it. I am so lucky!!


Hello there! How are you? 
I am very sorry that I disappeared from the blog and my blog did not get updated. 
I am very very busy and tired with the activities at the hospital. For the next 8 weeks, I will have many activities in the department of pediatric. The situation is more hectic during
 night shift, I do not have time to sleep. Crazy. 
I only have time to sleep only 1 hour and the next day I still have much work to be done until late afternoon.
 I am going crazy because some doctors love to gave us many tasks while we strongly need a break. 
The question is ... Can we think well when we are very tired and had not slept at all?