auf wiedersehen!

Another look to share with you, my readers!
I am so happy while doing this post. This is going to be my last look in 2012.
So excited that 2013 is few hours ahead. I am so happy and thankful that in 2012 my blog readers are increased. Thank you everyone! I hope that in 2013, my blog will be more inspiring and the readers keep increasing. I like to share my ideas, my thoughts and my favourite things with all of you. 

 I was mixing the look wearing my grey cropped cardigan from H&M. But it looks so pale and I think I need more colors for the look. So, I decided to changed the grey one with the green one.

About the look ...
Today I am wearing unbranded round tribal glasses, shirt and cardigan,
Forever21 cross necklace,
Topman leather belt, 
La delle Clothing upcoming collection mini skirt,
Proenza Schouler look alike bag.

The shoes! Yes! Many people love this shoes.
The colours combination is really nice. The tassels are making this shoes looks so vintage and the neon colour will glowing under the UV light. There are no reasons not to love this shoes. I got this from my friend, Jovi. He is the owner of the shoe brand, it's Popsicle. 
Fall in love with the shoes?? Buy them here!

Thank you for reading!
I hope you like the ideas of the look.
See you next year!

xoxo adelle

shoes that I love, I want and I bought ...

Holla my readers!
It's been a while since my last post, sorry about that because I've been a little bit busy lately during the Christmas time. By the way, Happy Christmas to you everyone! It's kinda late but we can still feel the Christmas spirit even if it's almost new year. Okay, speaking about Christmas, I know many of you must be got soooo many nice and lovely gifts from your family, friends and lover... and so do I. As a girl, it is normal to fall in love with beautiful shoes, buy it and collecting it. So, I bought myself these wonderful shoes.

I bought myself this beautiful pure black Valentino studded flats.
Still waiting for it and I think it would be arrived here on January.
Can't wait!! 
The second one is Isabel Marant look alike sneakers. I bought the navy and white one.
Actually, this one is from my boyfriend. He said that if I really like the sneakers, 
I can have it as my Christmas gift. Oh my God! I almost died in happiness!! Haha!
This one also will be here by next month. 
The last one is a pair of vintage pointed toe wedges shoes. I bought this one because I like shoes with suede fabric, pointy with touch of vintage look. For this one I also really like the colour. Most of my shoes are black and brown, so I decided to buy something with eye catchy colour. The wedge is 7cm and I'm kinda worried at first but when the seller said that it's so comfy to wear I decided to buy it. Well, let's hope that she's not lying. Haha!

So, I think that's it for now.
I hope that the shoes will be here very soon.
Can't wait to wear them!

Thank you for reading!

xoxo adelle 


Beezy Cafe

Well, I know it's kinda late, but last week, on Saturday, my friend and his best friends invited me and fellas from Lookbook Jakarta to join their soft launching for their new cafe named Beezy Cafe. The cafe is lovely with such a really nice ambience and the foods and drinks are so tasty! Can't stop to eat! We had a really good and full of fun night. We laughed a lot!

So, I forgot to bring my camera with me and decided to use my iphone to took some pictures.
I took pictures with one of my stylish friends, Genu. He's so tall and skinny (as you can see) and of course, stylish. Incoicidently we're wearing stripes top and shiny bottoms that night.
Partner in crimes!!

So, about the look ...
Topshop leopard cropped tee,
Koton stripes blazer,
unbranded disco pants,
Paper dolls black flats.

So sorry about the poor quality of the photos.
Next time I will bring my camera! Promise.

Thank you for reading.

xoxo adelle


make it double

Another look wearing animal print clothes. This time I'm wearing my own design clothes for La delle Clothing. The top and short are made from same fabric. You can wear it in one set or separately with or without your favourite outerwear. Matching motif is quite happening now, so I'm just trying to make it in simple, playful and affordable version.

About the look ...
I bought the floral headband from a florist in Istanbul, Turkey,
unbranded round glasses, vest and bag,
La delle Clothing sleeveless top and shorts,
Forever21 peach bracelet.

The bag is so similar to Alexander Wang's clutch bag.
Alexander Wang has it in black and white version. I found this bag, few months ago at a boutique in Bandung. I fell in love from the first sight, I asked my mom to buy me this bag. Haha!
( I never bring much money everytime I go out with my parents )
This bag is unbranded and the price is extremely cheap, around USD 30.
So, I am so lucky to have this bag.

Get the top here and the shorts here ^.^
Happy shopping!
Thank you for reading!

xoxo adelle

trend i love..

As you can see that lately so many fashion lovers around the world wearing many kinds of animal face sweater and all of them are soooo cute. I am truly in love with this trend. You can wear the sweater in so many ways and it always look cool. You can wear it with your mini or maxi skirt, over your shirt, with your shorts, jeans or even leather pants. Too many ways, you can mix and match the sweater with your stuffs. So easy ^.^

This is my way to wear my animal sweater from the previous post.
I will keep trying to be more creative to mix and match this yellow bright sweater.
You can also share with me your look wearing your animal sweater and if I like it I will add your photo  and your blog link to this post as one of the inspirations photo.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good monday!

xoxo adelle


jeune dame

" The fashion of the world is to avoid cost,

and you encounter it "

- Willian Shakespeare

About the look...
Cat eye shape glasses from Proopticals,
patterned red sweater from Goitaa shop,
Topman leather belt,
black and white anchor skirts from La delle Clothing upcoming collection,
H&M brown satchel bag,
cross necklace and owl ring from Forever21,
black vintage hat ring from La dell Clothing.

" Fashion is architecture :

it is a matter of proportion "

- Coco Chanel

Thank you for reading!

xoxo adelle


hey boy..

Today was so tiring for me. I went out to see my friend at noon and it was awful. The traffic jam was stressing and even worse when I'm going back to see my boyfriend. Perfect combination between 4.30PM + heavy rain in Jakarta, the result is horrible traffic jam. Right now I am in pain. Haha. But seriously, I have migraine while typing this post. I took medicine few minutes ago, hopefully that the pain is gone in few minutes. 

H&M wayfarer glasses and brown satchel bag,
Topshop galaxy print legging,
Boy London sweater.

Such a really comfy look for wet season in Jakarta.
Sometimes it getting cold here and I need to wear this kind of outfit to go out.
The sweater is really comfy! Like it a lot!

Well, I need to have some rest now.
Thank you for reading!

xoxo adelle

...wish list!

Few days ago, hhmm ... on Monday, when I went to Zara (and I also had a bad day),
I found this boots. Gosh! I fall in love. This is a 'to die for' shoes for me.
I like the colour, the details ... but not the price. Haha! 
This boots is just ... beautiful. I want it sooooo badly.
Well, I hope my mom or dad will buy me this shoes when we're going on vacation on January.
Haha! (>.<)

xoxo adelle


lovely galaxy

So, this is another shirt from my previous post about clothes that I'm waiting to come. This lovely  sheer galaxy print shirt is really nice. I like the colours and the size is fits really well for me. Some of my friends asked me where I bought this shirt. Well, I bought it from online shop on instagram. Luckily, they had it in ready stock and it was only 2 pieces. So, I bought it, no need to think twice. The shop is usually selling pre-order clothes and stuffs, so when they had this shirt and the yellow tiger sweater in ready stock, I felt so lucky. Haha! 

About the look ...
Today I am wearing unbranded galaxy sheer shirt,
unbranded one button high waist shorts,
geen lime Miu Miu clutch,
Topman leather belt,
huge glasses is from Sixpax,
the wings choker necklace is unbranded.

I saw so many different types of galaxy print from many online shops at the internet, but I think this one is pretty different and more colourful. The point is, I really like this shirt and I won't lend it to my friends. Haha!! 

Thanks for reading!
See ya!

xoxo adelle

let's talk about love!

I wanna share with you, my readers, my current Indonesian music. These three songs are about love. Speaking about love, last month, on November 11th, me and my boyfriend celebrated our 7th anniversary. Yeah, we've been together for 7 years now!! Wow! The longest relationship I've ever had with a guy. Haha! We've been through lots of things together, from the worst and the wonderful one.
Hopefully it will lasts forever.
Wish us luck!

The first one is Orang ke-3 by HiVi!
This song is about a guy who fall in love with a beautiful girl, 
but unfortunately she's already in relationship with someone else.
This guy is so disappointed and he considered to stick with her waiting until she left
her boyfriend and then he's going to make her his.

The second song is Karena kamu cuma satu by Naif.
Actually it's not a really new song, I knew this song from last year 
but I'm still listening to this song. This song is about a guy who really fall in love
with his girlfriend (which is good, in my opinion. Haha!) and he is so happy every time
she's around and he ask her to be with him in good and bad times.

The third song is Berdua by Jeremy Calvin.
This one also about love, about a guy who ask his girlfriend to be with him forever.
I think this song is such a really sweet song and it would be really nicer and sweeter
if your boyfriend sing this song for you. Haha!

Well, maybe some of you don't really understand about the song because it's in Bahasa.
But, you can watch the video and listen to the song, it's really nice.
Maybe you can googling for the lyric and search for the english version of it.

Happy watching and listening!
Spread the love!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle

I hate monday!

Today is not a really good day for me lots of (sucks) things happened in just few hours. First, today I went to a mall to buy a gift for my boyfriend's mom, I went to Zara and when I entering the store, the security alarm is on and for me, that's sucks and instantly turning my mood down. Second, from Zara, I moved to Hero to buy some fruits. I paid with my debit card and the cashier said it was declined after couple times he tried the card, okay, I decided to use another debit card from different bank and the payment was okay. Arrived at home I got texts and it said that I've done transaction using my debit card, twice. Jeez! I thought it was declined! Oh my God! I am so confuse right now. I'm trying to call the call centre and it is in error situation. Nothing wrong with my card and it is declined and the bank said that I've done transactions using this card. I am going crazy. Really.

 Clearly I need a mood booster right now!

About the look ...
Today I am wearing a tribal print sweater from Sheinside,
mini skirt from La delle Clothing,
gold clutch - I bought it from eBay.

Wings choker necklace - I bought it at a bazaar, so it is unbranded,
chunky ring - I made it myself,
unbranded skull bracelet,
baby pink bracelet - Forever21.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day to all of you!

xoxo adelle


triple leo

Hello dearest readers!
Happy sunday to all of you.
Today, I am wearing this, my new yellow sweater.
Yeah, it's finally here. You must be recognise it from my previous post.
It is seriously lovely and the yellow colour is really nice.
It's inspired me to wear my leopard print short from my own clothing line, La delle Clothing
and of course my mini bag from Celine (which is one of my fave bag!)

It's raining season here in Jakarta and the weather is quite cold sometimes, 
so the sweater can help you with the weather, BUT it can be so humid sometimes,
that's why I am wearing my black sheer studded collar shirt, 
so I can take off my sweater if the weather is getting humid. Easy (^^,)

About the look ...
I am wearing unbranded yellow sweater,
unbranded black sheer shirt, 
La delle Clothing leopard shorts (you can buy it here),
Celine bag,
cat eye glasses from proopticals.

unbranded skull bracelet and real gold rings

Some people might think that it's not okay to wear matching patterns from head to toe.
Hhmm ... I think it depends on how you choose the colours and patterns.
Well, I hope this look will inspired you!
Thank you for reading.

xoxo adelle