Hi hi !!
Today, me and my friends was invited to a soft launching of localbrand.co.id
that held at KOI, Kemang. The site was created with the aim of fashion lovers can easily search and find local products with the best quality from some local brands.
Some of them are Leaaf, I.K.Y.K, de.cada.dia, and many more.

So, this is what I wore today.
The oversize outer is a sample for my own coming soon clothing line, 
and the rest are unbranded clothes.
The necklaces are from Leaaf and the glasses is from Proopticals.

Lynn - proopticals

xoxo adelle

ps : for more story about the event and my outfit, i will tell you more tomorrow.
       I am too tired and need some rest now. So sorry. Even my english so difficult to understand.
       Aah, my brain can't work properly.


love light


Waaww! Late at night and again, I am still awake.
This is not good. I have to sleep early, starts tomorrow.

Yesterday (Monday) I watched 'Real Steel' with my boyfriend at the cinema.
The movie was great! Me and my boyfriend really like it.
Eating lamb kebab and iced lemon tea with jelly while watching the movie was the best part.
Great movie + tasty food = hell yeah combo.
The movie and the quality time with my boyfriend really made my day!!









, in BOOTS

xoxo adelle

Almost Famous by Adesagi Kierana

I am so lucky because last month I was invited to a fashion show, Almost Famous by Adesagi Kierana.
Thanks to my friend Salvi (Adesagi's assistant) for inviting me and my friends.
The dresscode for the show was Glamour and Playful.
I was confused and totally have no fuckin' idea what to wear that night.
Clearly I am a playful person, but glamour?? Big NO. 
Well, I don't care. I still gone to the show wearing floral top, black and white skirt, blazer, black tights and black boots.

By the way, if you have no idea who's Adesagi Kierana, click here for more information about him and his colorful and playful and glamour collections.

Well, let's start the show ... it's gonna be a quite long 'show'.

Dewi Sandra

Titi DJ

Manohara ... where's your Birkin bag??

photos by vivanews

photos by adesagi

I always like Adesagi's collection.
The designs, the colors. Two thumbs up!!

Genu --- Ario --- Amril --- Yudhie --- me --- Elco --- Andres --- Marcella

Our personal version of Glamour and Playful outfit.


xoxo adelle


Love Girl

Today, I finally finished and submitted my very first article to Creative Spotlight.
They told me that I can write about anything I like.
Well, I decided to wrote about CN Blue, a rock band from South Korea.
Why?? Because I think they deserve more and more attention and recognition in the world of music, 
internationally. Not only good looking and play music instruments, they do rap and acting.
I really love their songs.
Speaking of their songs, this outfit of mine was inspired from their song and music video, Love Girl.
So simple and girly.
I hope you like it, dear readers.
Feel free to leave some comments.









, in BOOTS


My inspiration...

CN BLUE - Love Girl

L.O.V.E Girl... nae soneul japgo Fly
L.O.V.E Girl... uh uh, nareul mitgo Fly high
L.O.V.E Boy... Ye-Ye-Yes we can fly to the sky
L.O.V.E Boy... I will take you there baby

 Tell you, tell you sarangeul malhalge
Tell you, tell you nae sarang gobaekae
Love you, love you nae soneul jabajwo
Kiss you, kiss you yeongwonhi saranghae

xoxo adelle

I love KOREA

I have some reasons why I love South Korea. 
I love their fashion (many Korean are so fashionable), the drama series, and the music (K-Pop).
I don't speak Korea, but I'd love to learn. I really want to visit South Korea.
I would die in happiness if my dad decided to take me to South Korea next year,
 I don't care if the weather is so cold in January. I have coats and boots. The weather won't stop me!
God, please allow me to go to Korea next year, I beg You.

Okey, I'll give you some proofs why I love Korea.
Well, I think it's gonna be a really looong post. 
Just relax and enjoy the photos and videos.

The Fashion

More Seoul street style at YesStylist

The Drama Series

Heartstrings - this one is my favorite!!!
They got music, fashion and of course the story is really interesting.
Totally in love with the actor, Jung Yong Hwa from CN BLUE, he's good looking!! Haha!

Princess Hours

Personal Taste - the actor is extremely good looking ( Lee Min Ho )

Witch Yoo Hee - if you love fashion and movie, you have to watch this drama series.

The music

2 PM - Fly to Seoul
Trust me 2 PM, I really really want to fly to Seoul, Korea.
Wait for me...

CN BLUE - Love

" Yeah! C N to the BLUE (that's right)
To the sky ha get em high
Yes! We ready to go... "

Wonder Girls - Nobody
Same look, same body shape, same moves.
This girls look like twin sisters.

M Signal - I don't Know
I am soooo lucky to found the video of this song with english subtitle,
so I can understand the meaning of the song.
It's a sad sad song, but still, I think it's a beautiful love song.

Kang Min Hyuk - Star
This guy is CN Blue's drummer. 
Even the drummer has such a really nice soothing voice.
I'm happy to find this video, so I can sing along with Min Hyuk.
Haha!!  This song is addicting!!

Well, that's it for now. 
I hope that this topic doesn't make you boring.
See yaa...

xoxo adelle


we found love

Hi readers! It's almost midnight here but I am still awake and not feeling sleepy at all.
So I decided to sit in front of my laptop and updating my blog.
Today was full of fun for me, I met my boyfriend and then my aunt, 
I went to a mall and bought some nice books and a necklace. 
Well, actually my aunt bought me that nice stuffs. Haha!

By the way, let me tell you about my outfit...
The blue tee, it was my dad's, it's my DIY tee. The fabric seriously comfortable.
The red jeans is one of my favorite from many jeans I have. I like the color and the cut. Really nice.
And now, let me tell you about the shoes. I need to learn how to walk on that heels.
The shoes really nice, I like the color.





, in JEANS





, in BAGS

Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine
What it takes to come alive

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place

xoxo adelle


how are you guys??

YES! It's all about boyband!! Haha! I admit it, I love boybands and I grew listening to their songs!
So what?? They have nice voices and they're good looking.
Many people really think that boybands are sucks or lame. But not for me.
I love them. Their songs are great.

I want you back - N'snyc

Okey, J.T surely you shakes your hip better than Shakira in this video.
This video making me laugh out so loud!! 

Get down - Backstreet Boys

I was shocked when I found this music video.
Nick's hair is sooo funny that time. 

Picture of You - Boyzone

My favorite music video from this band.
Mr. Rowan Atkinson made this video really fun to watch! Such a silly man alive.

Crazy - The Moffatts

Moffatt brother started their career as a musician from young age.
I saw the concert in Jakarta when I was in junior high school.
My favorite songs are 'Crazy' and 'LOVE'.

I Lay My Love on You - Westlife

Haha!! My deepest love for this boyband.
I still remember their songs lyrics from the very first album.
I even saw the concert alone when I was in senior high school.
I grew up listening to this guys. But too bad that now the band is breaking up.
Aah.. I miss them A LOT !!

xoxo adelle