wait for it!

Yes... Now I am on waiting mode for these stuffs.
I hope that some of them will be here soon.
I received my tiger flats (from the previous post) this afternoon.
You can see the real product photo on my instagram.

I fell in love with this sweater because of the colour and the tiger face on the front of it.
I'd love to wear it with my new disco pants and my lace hidden wedges sneakers from new look
... or my ombre jeans and ballet flat shoes for casual look. 
This one (i think) is everyone's favourite. It's sheer, loose and has really cool galaxy print.
You can wear it with your high waist denim shorts or leather flare mini skirt, it goes well with anything.
That's why I bought this and can't wait to mix and match it with my stuffs ^.^
Hhmm... I bought the one from the right photo. It's Asos 3 tones denim shirt.
Fell in love with it at the very first sight. I have some denim shirts but I think this one would be the coolest one in my closet. Haha!
Next, it's another favourite item to wait... it's Asos anchor dress.
In my opinion, it looks so cute and vintage at the same time. 
I like the colour, the pattern and the length of the dress.
I will wear it with black tights and my brown mary jane heels.
I bought this one from a local online shop on instagram.
I bought another one in different shape, but unfortunately I can not find the photo from google.
I'll post it here and my instagram when I got it ^.^
Aaanndd... this one. Karen Walker rabbit sunglasses.
I LOVE IT !! Decided to buy in black colour because I don't really like the other colours
and this one will fits any kind of clothes I wear. 
Can't hardly wait for this one!!
The last one, it is a local shoe brand. It's my friend's brand.
It is Popsicle. Made from good quality leather.
I bought this double straps heels and I will be on my hand by this Saturday. Yeay!
If you like neon colour, I suggest you buy one of their cool shoes ^.^

Well, that's it for now.
Happy shopping everyone!

xoxo adelle


What I bought from eBay ^.^

Yes! I bought some lovely stuffs from eBay around few weeks ago.
Camera case, clutch bag, shoes and iPhone case.
I already received 3 of them and still waiting for the shoes.
I spent USD 40 for all of them.
These are the photos of them. 

Get it here
Get it here
Get it here in different colour
Get it here

So, I hope that the soon will be here very soon!
Can't hardly wait!!
I like it a lot.

I give you the link for the products if you want to buy the same items.
Well, happy shopping y'all!!

xoxo adelle


craving for...

Hello weekend and hello my readers!
Today, at this time, heavy rain and scary thunders is making me thinking about Jakarta's traffic.
Jakarta + weekend + heavy rain = awful traffic jam.
So, my boyfriend asked me out for tonight, I hope that the traffic would be nicer to us.

Enough about the rain, weekend and traffic jam.
Now, I want to tell you about my current obsessed.
Philip Lim, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler bag. We don't have these brands in Jakarta,
if I'm not mistaken. So, it's quite difficult to have them. I'd die in happiness if someone buy me one of them. Haha! (That's impossible, I know!)
I hope someday I will owned one of these lovely bags.

Philip Lim
Alexander Wang
Proenza Schouler

Thank you for reading.
See ya!!

xoxo adelle


Lookbook Jakarta for FimelaFest

Last Saturday, me and my friends from Lookbook Jakarta had an event with Fimela.com
It's FimelaFest. We're there for the fashion show, wearing clothes from the sponsors of the event.
We were there since 9AM for rehearsal. 
Let me tell you about the weather for that day. It was hot and humid.
Aaargh ... I don't like it.

The themes for our fashion show was girly and edgy.
Well, clearly I'm in the first theme, wearing pastel colours clothes and headband with 60's hairstyle.
For the edgy theme, my friends wearing black and another dark color clothes.

Ines, me and Ebi
Astra, Ines and me ... the bunny team.
Me and Kaludia
I bought these two at the Accessorize grand launching ^.^
Tito and Abigail
Anthonick and Klaudia
Klaudia and Stella
Anthonick and Melody
Gabby ... and her shoes.

Let me introduce you to the president of Lookbook Jakarta, Yudhie Ramadhan.
This photo always making me laugh out loud, his face and outfit ... it's edgy,
and then ... tadaaaaaa, he's wearing a huge orange bag. Ohh my God!! Hahaha!!
Sooo funny!

Well, we had a good night and the show went smoothly.
We're not models but rocking the runway is kinda easy thing to do for us.
HAHA!! *sorry*

Well, I think that's it for now.
Thank you for reading.
See ya!!

xoxo adelle


Accessorize is here!

Holla, readers!
I am (finally) back!
After weeks, now I want to share with you about my last week's experienced with Accessorize,
an accessories store from London.  I was invited to their launching event in Plaza Indonesia.
Accessorize is one of my favourite accessorise brands and it's a hip boutique where women can experiment to create their own style. Accessorize has always been about creativity and street style which mixes, matches and produces a truly unique expression, offering a giant dressing up box where woman can indulge in a spontaneous guilt free shopping experience.

So, now it's time to share with you some photos from the event and some of their products.
I want to have them all!!

I love the sling bag!!
A is for Adelle ... and Accessorize!
My partner in crime for that night, Genu.

About the look...
I was wearing glasses from sixpax,
peach color sweater from Ouval Research,
galaxy print mini skirt from Goitaa boutique,
red suede clutch from Zara.

black necklace - H&M, leaves necklace - forever21
Well, I totally in love with this bag. 
Love the colours, the design and the size of the bag.
Unfortunately, the bag is ... hhmm, pricey. So, I decided to buy it some other time.

So, I think that's it for now.
The point is, I had a really good time that night.
I bought my self a really cool snake and blue eye bracelet using the gift voucher from Accessorize.

Thanks a lot Accessorize!!

See ya, my readers!!

xoxo adelle