catch the dream

So, finally I posted another different look to my blog.
As usual, it is so simple and comfy with sweater, lace shorts and flats. 
All of them are unbranded, well, except the bag, it's a Boston bag from Celine.

Hhmm, now my room color is broken white. My room is brighter now.
I'm kinda like it, I miss my cranberry room sometimes.
I have to move on, maybe this broken white color brings more good luck for me.
HAHA! So random!! 

Peace Love and Faith dreamcatcher

xoxo adelle

PING!!! ... no, it's pink!

Omo! I really like my nails color now.
Raspberry Rapture color from Revlon.
I don't know why they named it rapture.
I don't care, the color is lovely!
Agree?? ^.^

One more interesting thing about the nail polish, it's scented when dry!!!
Yummy!! Now my nails smells like berries everyday!!

xoxo adelle


Magnum Pleasure 365

I am back!! Yes, now I will tell you about Magnum Pleasure 365 for Pleasure Seekers event.
The event was held last week at Atrium Senayan City.
The dress code was pleasurable with style. What do you think about that??
The interesting thing about the event is that five Indonesian designers made a beautiful dress made from chocolate. Yes, each one of them made me amazed with the dresses. 
My favorite designer would be Tex Saverio. He made such beautiful dresses.

The event was full with stylish people, celebrities, media and some fashion bloggers.
Well, I had fun that night. Me and my blogger friends took some silly pictures with different backgrounds at the event. We didn't care what other people think about us (^^.)

" Indulge yourself in the lavish ultimate chocolate experience. Be in the presence of the finest chocolate couture fashion show in collaboration with Jakarta Fashion Week, explore the magnificent Magnum chocolate installation and savor Magnum's exclusive creation of hors d'oeuvres "

The pleasure seekers : Kimmy, Rio Dewantoro and Nadine Chandrawinata



I think this is the best choco dress that night. WOW!




Yes, that is Tex Saverio!!

... with Bethany Putri

Genu ------- Putri -------- Ario ----------- me

Magnum ice cream covered with M & M's. Yummy!!

The best dress winners! 

La delle blazer
 Zara asymmetrical black dress
 Decimal shoes
 Proopticals glasses  
Hhmm, many people want to try on my glasses that night. They love it.
The shape and the pattern of the frame are cool and kinda sexy and unique.
No wonder they fall in love with it (^^,)


xoxo adelle


6 years and counting

Yes, we've been together for 6 years. Oh my God!
Both of us are young doctors. But the difference is that he really loves medical world,
and I am not. Haha! I am sure he'll become a great doctor in the future (^^,)
Me?? Hhmm... 
I am lucky to have him as my boyfriend. 
He help me trough the rough times as a medical student and as a young doctor.
The point is, he's always there for me.
Thank you, love.

cranberry wall color

Hollaa!! I am back!! 
Finally, I'm able to update my blog because for the last few days I can not open my own blog 
from my laptop. I was so confused and have no idea what went wrong to my laptop or even my blog. 
I was thinking about to start a new blog, but hell no. 
I have lots lots lovely stories, photos and ideas for this blog. 
So, I decided to reinstalled my safari and here I am, having another hours to update my blog.
Yeay!! (^^,)

Well, about the look ... 
Hhmm, surely I like this outfit. 
I like the colors, esp. the green color.
The top is cute, with floral pattern.
The shoes is nice.
The bag is lovely.
And the glasses is my favorite.
Many people fall in love with the glasses. The frame is really unique.

Proopticals glasses,  Forever21 owl ring, watch - Roxy

I think this would be my last photos with my cranberry color wall.
Yes, my mom ask me to change my room's color and I decided to change it into white or broken white color. She said that my room color is weird and she doesn't really like it.
Well, whatever, my room still the best spot at home.