Verre Compparel

It's so fun to have my own Sillysmartass logo for my iPhone compparel and an owl for my iPad.
They're custom made and they're from Verre Compparel. They sent me this about few weeks ago before I went to honeymoon with my husband. Big thanks for Verre Compparel! I really like it!

You can find Verre Compparel's products at The Goods Dept 
or you can follow their instagram from here ^.^

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xoxo adelle


Fashion Week

Last Friday, I went to Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week with my friends, Genu and Priska.
I like all of the collections from Bershka, Zara and X(s.m.l).
I am so sorry that most of the photos are in not-so-good quality. The lighting were so dark and then so bright that when I took the pictures I can't see the model's faces. Meehh -___-!
I've tried to change my camera modes to get better pictures but still ... didn't work out, which is sucks.
Well, I hope that these pictures are good enough that you can see the cool collections for fall and winter look inspirations.

X (S.M.L)

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Have a nice weekend everyone.

xoxo adelle



Another outfit post! Finally!
This time I wore some of my favourite items I have. I wore this outfit for Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week and the event report will be coming soon. 
A bit different from my previous outfits. This one I tried to look more mature, simple and chillax at the same time... and have no idea if it works or not. Haha! I am 26 and mostly I looked like 21 yo girl because of the way I dressed up. That's why I wore this asymmetric maxi skirt for the mature touch.
Oh God, I hope it works...

I wore...
Renee brown sunnies from GlassesShop.com (discount code : BGAdelle),
H&M necklace,
grey GEEK tee from Bangkok,
La delle skull print shirt,
N.y.L.a asymmetric maxi skirt,
Zara box bag,
New Balance sneakers.

Good evening everyone!

Thank you for reading.

xoxo adelle

First Blush

Happy Sunday everyone!
So, last week I got home and had this lovely pyramid shape box from First Blush. 
Inside the box I found some interesting beauty products from eye cream to 4in1 nail buffer. 
Always so excited to add new products to my daily day and night skincare routine.
Can't wait to try all of them! 

First Blush aims to be a one stop service where women can learn, read, discuss, watch, listen, review and sample beauty products that are available in the market. 

Why buy the full size product when you can try them first?
That's why I suggest you to visit their website at www.firstblushbox.com !

xoxo adelle


Happiest days of our life

August 15th, 2013

I won't talk too much about my wedding day. I was so nervous and happy and excited at the same time. My husband felt the same way. Finally, after 8 years of relationship, we got married.
Please wish us luck as a husband and wife! We're still learning to become a great husband and wife to each other and as parents in the future ... I hope that everything is going well until the end.

August 16th, 2013

It was my dad's birthday when we had our traditional wedding ceremony,
we celebrated before the traditional reception.
I wore red kebaya, made from the most comfortable fabric, France Lace.
Karo's traditional wedding reception
Toba's traditional wedding reception

... and this is our video about the wedding from the day 1 & 2. It was extremely tiring and I got  serious headache after the traditional ceremony because of the headpieces are quite heavy.
That day I woke up at 3.30 AM for make up and hairdo.
The ceremony started at 8.30 AM and finished at 7 PM. 

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Have a good day everyone... see ya on the next post.

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Renee go round

You know that I love to wear unique shape sunnies and glasses. 
That's why I am so happy that GlassesShop.com sent me these lovely sunnies and glasses!

Let me tell you something about GlassesShop.com...
GlassesShop is an American owned and operated online retailer of eyeglasses. Since the website launch in 2004, they have delivered over a million pairs of eyeglasses while maintaining their standard of providing the highest quality at affordable prices. They're a group of eye doctors that understands your struggle with the high cost of eyeglasses. They strive to make your experience with GlassesShop.com one that is not only user-friendly but also professional and reliable. Being able to deliver superior eyeglasses at an unbeatably-low price has allowed them to help people all over the world see clearly and, in turn, has provided their team with a more rewarding experience than we could have ever anticipated. They guarantee your satisfaction.

I am wearing Renee brown sunglasses from them. Full of fun round shape with a total retro touch.
Love it! 
Visit here to get one for yourselves and my discount code is : BGAdelle, feel free to use the code to get 20% discount from the site. 

Happy shopping!
Have a good day and keep stylish everyone!

xoxo adelle


Thank you bombpetite.com for the interview and having me for the site!


For complete interview and photos, feel free to visit the site.