Let's get healthy!

So happy that finally have a time to do another post!
Felt so guilty that I can not updated my blog as often as I expected.
So sorry about that… 

So, this time let me share my fun and healthy experience with Urban Remedy Indonesia 
and Urban Plus. It is so happening to consume cold pressed juice to maintain our health. 
Well, I loooooovvveee juices and I am so excited when Urban Remedy and Urban Plus sent me their cold pressed juices!

My favourite flavour… Beet it!!

By now you're probably asking yourself what this juice thing is all about. 
I am sure you've heard that fresh juices are good for your health, but may not fully understand why and especially the differences between a cold pressed and normal juice.

Drinking juice allows the body to receive the maximum benefit from the fruits and vegetables we regularly eat. When product is cold pressed instead of blended, the juices won't oxidise or degrade the fruits and vegetables and helps keep the nutrients and enzymes intact. When consumed, the highly concentrated nutrients will directly enter to our bloodstream in a quick and efficient way.

Another questions are…
Why isn't there fibre? Isn't the fibre good for you?
Yes, of course. Which is why cold pressed juice is a great method because it contains soluble fibre, the kind our body can use as opposed to insoluble fibre which our body can't break down.

So, why juice?
Because juicing allows you to quickly extract, absorb and assimilate the most important vitamins and nutrients locked within nature's bounty.

If you're curious and want to cleanse your body from free radicals and any other unhealthy components  … feel free to check out and try their cleansing programs.

Visit their upcoming site up on www.urbanremedyindonesia.com
or visit their instagram page @urbanremedyindonesia and @urban.plus

Let's get healthy in a very easy and fun way!

Happy cleansing!

xoxo adelle