craving for ..

SO LAST YEAR !! i know ... but what can i do ??
In Indonesia there is no H & M and I really wanted to to have this dress ! 
Well, everytime I see the clothes of H & M on the internet, I just drool and bite my finger. 
Dear H& M, please, please, kindly open your branch in Indonesia soon.
Lanvin Edition for H & M is crazy, I want all of its products.
* sigh *

citos =]

my cousin, oxa

i used to look like this

YES! This is me when I suddenly wanted to cut my hair became short. 
This is a photo from 3 - 4 years ago. My mom cried out in surprise when I got home and she saw my hair this short. She thinks I got stressed that I do not quite sober to cut my long hair became as short as this, well, no wonder she thought I'm in severe stress, 
you can see a 'shopping bag' under my eyes.

Korean Street Style

Korean are really great in movie series and fashion. 
These are some of my favorite pictures of the street styler. 
I took these pictures from Google. 
I really like how they combine their clothes into something very stylish. Well, for anyone who pictures upload here, I'm sorry. I just admire how you dress. I hope you do not mind.


Marry You - Bruno Mars


Please, give me your opinion or comments about this look ... ^^,

It's not about where you stand in this world,

but in which direction you're headed.


This cloth is one piece. 
Seems like two pieces, but this is a jumpsuit with a big belt. 
Very simple but it becomes troublesome when you suddenly need to pee into the toilet.

Loose top with images of famous rock band is one fashion item I pledge when I was lazy 
to appear neat and attractive. 
Hahaha! Leggings, shredded jeans or short is my preferred combination partner 
with loose top like this. Seemed relaxed and comfortable.

This is how I tie my hair almost every day. 
A little messy, but I like it. 
In my opinionmessy thing that does not mean something bad. 
Olsen Twins have a messy hair, butthey still look cool. 
MJ got a messy facial operating results, particularly the nose, be honest, 
but he's still my hero and he'll always be my hero!!

Those red cardigan was my mom, I took it from her room.
The red color is awesome. Eye catchy but not tacky.