things inside my bag...

Chic Choc cookies, choco sticks, Samsung Corby, iTouch, 
Zara vintage wallet, white BB Torch, Zwitsal wet tissue,
Anya Handmarch make-up pouch, candies, earphone.

my make-up kit. simple. natural colors.

i learned how to put on some make-up from YouTube!
yeah, it's about two or three years ago.
my mom told me i look younger than my age, and make-up would help me look mature.


  1. I'm looking at this and I have one question bothering me... Why on earth do you have three phones? =D

    And I also learned to do my make-up from Youtube! =)

  2. haha... i only have two cell phones ...
    that wide one is my iPod ...
    i have two cell phone just in case my BB run out of battery =]

  3. hey adelle the interview is already on my blog

    but it's in portuguese, you wont't understand '^^