Today I'm wearing this lovely leopard dress for my second day as a trainee doctor at Mouniche Skin Care and I will start working there on Saturday! Yeay! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time.
Today I learned about face and slimming acupuncture and it was full of fun and now I know how to do it. Of course it's pretty difficult at first, but thank God, I am such a fast learner person. Haha!

About what I'm wearing...
Bershka leopard dress,
Proopticals cat eye shape glasses,
Prada bag.

Handmade tiger ring,
unbranded skulls bracelet,
Accesorized snake bracelet,
Valentino flats.

I think it's a very simple but quite eye catchy look because of the leopard print dress with the pop up blue color of the bag. What a lovely outfit for work and so easy for you to try!

Well, I think that's it for now. Thank you for reading!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle



Happy sunday everyone! 
Today I'm wearing a colorful pattern jacket from my own clothing line, La delle Clothing. Well, actually it is still a sample because I only made this for myself and I am planning to make it for sale as soon as possible. I am happy that the jacket looks really nice with the skinny belt. At the beginning I was a bit confused how to wear and pulled out my own design jacket. Haha! So weird. So yeah, I hope that the jacket will be on the market real soon ^.^

By the way, I am so sorry about the quality of the photos for this post. The photos was taken using my iPhone because I forgot to bring my camera and I'm sorry about the background, I want to took the photos outside the house but I was raining, so I decided to do it beside the swimming pool.

About what I am wearing...
today I'm wearing unbranded glasses and skinny jeans,
H&M necklace,
La delle Clothing jacket and tank,
Givenchy bag,
Valentino rockstud flats.

Thank you for reading!
See yaa!

xoxo adelle


favourite airport fashion...

So, this is gonna be my first post about airport fashion thing. It's because I finally found a guy who really has such a really eclectic, neat, classy, simple but always so stylish at the same time.
I know that there are so many stylish guy out there, but this one is really represent my favourite kind of style if I were a guy. I would definitely dressed like him if I were a guy... a rich guy.
Haha! I said rich because I think that this young man is rich. He's Top from Big Bang.
So, I've been searching through the internet, looking for a stylish guy and I found him. I love Big Bang but I just found out that Top's airport fashion is totally good. Oh my GOD!!
He loves to wear branded stuffs like Givenchy, Prada, Galliano, Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Balmain, and many more. He also love to wear cool shades! Ooh, gosh, I am seriously love this guy for his voice, band and of course, his sense of style.
*nose bleeding*

*nose still bleeding*

Haha! Oh jeez!! I just can't wait to see another photos of him at the airport, wearing another nice clothes and looking so handsome and well put together. 
All the photos here are belongs to UT.O.PiA, a site that you have to visit if you're a huge fan of 
Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a Top 'Big Bang'. You can find many photos and video of him from this site.
I wanna say thank you for whoever you are behind this awesome site for sharing Top's photos and videos! Can't wait for more new photos of him and his style!

Thank you for reading.
See yaa!

xoxo adelle

what's in my bag??

How are y'all, my readers?? This time, I will share with you about what stuffs I have in my bag.
Well, actually, nothing important, but since some of you sent me emails to do this kind of video,
so yeah, I decided to made it last week. I will share some photos and my video.
I hope you'll like it!

Thank you for watching!
See ya!

xoxo adelle



So today I have another outfit to share with you, my readers... I can say that recently I love to wear sweater and jegging with my favorite shoes...

I went to a meeting today with voila Store about my clothing line, La delle Clothing. 
So, yeah, it went good and i'm happy about it...

Today's weather is also terribly hot, so I'm trying to protect my skin by wearing my lovely long sleeves sweater. 

About the look...
Today I am wearing H&M gold chain necklace,
H&M purple sweater,
Zara pink jegging,
Valentino pure black rock stud flats,
unbranded clutch bag,
Mango clear frame sunglasses,
cat eye shape glasses from proopticals.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day!

xoxo adelle


Happy Lunar New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! 
Today I'm gonna share another outfit with you. So, today I'm wearing some of my favorite pieces I got from Hong Kong. The grey and silver sweater is from H&M and the red kitten heels with stud is from Zara. Actually it is a very simple outfit but extremely comfortable to wear, especially in Jakarta during the rainy season.

And yeah, I think that's it for today! 
Happy Lunar New Year for you who celebrate it! 
Have a good year and luck!

Thank you for reading!
See ya.

xoxo adelle


That XX

Holla readers!
I can not believe that it's already 6th of February, time flies really fast.

I think this is gonna be my second look idea in 2013. So, yeah, some of you maybe quite confuse about the title of this post, That XX is one of my favourite song from G-Dragon. Hhmm, yeah, it's a Kpop song... I will put the music video down below this post. Some of you knew the song and some of you don't. Actually, the song is really nice, I already searched for the lyric in english version and ... snap!
I like the song even more! Haha! ^.^

This time, I'm trying to play with pastel colours. Usually I love to play with dark or playful colours and patterns. But today, I did an experiment with my pastel items... but still with a touch of neon pink belt and dark colour clutch. I hope you like it!

About the look...
Unbranded glasses, sweater, belt and bag,
fairy skirt from Loushkii,
Unui necklace,
Fossil watch,
handmade ring.

So, yeah... this is the 'That XX' music video.
My fave part...
" They said love is blind, oh baby you so blind ... "


Thank you for reading!
I hope the look idea is quite inspiring for you.

See ya!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle