Engaged ^.^

Finally got a chance to post another look here! It's been a while since the last time I updated my blog.
I was preparing my engagement and .... finally me and my boyfriend are now engaged since last Saturday. Whoa! It's been a long road for both of us to be finally engaged. We're so happy and excited, after almost 8 years in relationship we're going to tie the knot next month. Hopefully everything going well till the end! ^.^

Fave pet tee from xfemmex.com,
burgundy jegging - Zara,
black flatform - Zara,
Baobao Bag - Issey Miyake

Another cool stuff I got from Femmex is this lovely red clutch. Love it to the max!
It fits with every kind of style and it has eye catchy colour so when I wear monochrome outfit, I wear this clutch to give such a pop up colour. So, get one for yourselves ^.^

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xoxo adelle


o di ga yo?

I am so excited to learn Korean Hangeul and I already did it since few days ago. Now I able to write and read the basic letters. Haha! I don't know why I am always in excited and happy mood everytime I talk about Korea. Well, I will continue to learn and my goal is to speak Korean fluently. Wish me luck!

About the title of this post, 'o di ga yo?' is an easy Korean language and it means 'where are you going?' ... easy to pronounce and remember. 

This was my churching outfit for yesterday. I really like the colours combination and yes, it was such a comfortable look even tough I was wearing high heels ... it's only 6 cm high. This shoes are beautiful, I love the colour, I love the pointy toe, I like the matching colour studs and sure I really love the design. The shoes are definitely the hero for the look.

I was wearing...
unbranded studded sheer shirt and loose top,
unbranded polkadot jeans,
H&M chain necklace,
Bracelet D'Amitie double chain bracelet,
DuePunti black and pink diamond rings,
New Look infinity ring,
Celine bag,
Valentino heels.

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Galeries Lafayette's grand opening!

Holla! Few weeks ago I was invited to an event ... yes, it's Galeries Laffayete's grand opening event at Pacific Place and the dresscode was 'black meet red'. The event was filled with socialites, celebrities, fashion people and media. 
It's pretty different from the one in Paris, this one have more luxurious atmosphere because I saw so many street style and more casual fashion items at the one in Paris. Well, maybe that's why I chose to wear jegging, jacket and sneakers to the event and when I got there I saw most of the guests wore black dresses and heels. Haha! 
red carpet situation
still wondering who's the one who got the real diamond...
La delle clothing jacket,
Zara burgundy jegging,
New Look sneakers,
Topshop tote bag.

 Cool event at a cool place with so many cool stuffs!

xoxo adelle