ira's bachelorette lunch...

Hi !!
I am back!

Now, I'd love to share with you my full of fun experience with my friends.
One of my friends is getting married next month and we decided to have a bechelorette lunch on Sunday. We brought our friend to a mall. Yes, a mall, on Sunday and she was wearing such a freak kind of clothes and make up. Well, it was my idea. Haha!


This is the video from the lunch few days ago.
I am retouching the silly make up for the bachelorette.
Oh my God, sooo funny.

I hope she will have a very happy marriage with her husband in the future.
I am wishing her for the very best!
Congratulations Ira! Love you!

xoxo adelle



Start from Lykia Lodge Hotel...
By the way, the  hotel was great.
My favorite hotel ever.

Natural salt lake ... beautiful.

We had lunch here. It has a very lovely interior.
Love the colors.

Ataturk Museum.
I was incredibly hotttt!
You can fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Anka Mall, the local guide said that it is the biggest mall in Ankara.
Well, I bought a pair of wide heels shoes, De Facto wallet and a Zara tee from here.

Ankara's traffic at night, it's around 10.30 PM.
I wish that Jakarta will have this kind of traffic one day.
Jakarta's traffic is awful ... in a serious way.

xoxo adelle

Balmain Resort 2013

These are some of my favorite looks from Balmain Resort 2013.
The colors, the pattern and the everything.
Goshh!! Totally a to die for collection ever!!
I want them all!!

another monday

Yeah... It's just another monday afternoon.
Not much things to do today, I just finished cutting some laces to make some laces masks for this week fashion event with crews from Lookbook Jakarta. Well, I haven't seen them for months, I think.
I'm kinda miss them much. I miss the fun and craziness everytime I am with them.
Can't wait to see them very soon.

About the look ...
I am wearing Cotton On scarf printed sleeveless top,
brown birds print shorts from Goitaa,
unbranded round glasses,
H&M satchel bag,
H&M multicolors belt,
Forever 21 necklace,
and I bought the white floral headband from a florist in Istanbul, Turkey.

I love the scarf prints clothes. 
It's always lovely in a classic way.
I'm still looking for a dress and mini skirt in this kind of patterns.

Well, thank you for reading.
See ya!

xoxo adelle



Yes, I am one of four fashion bloggers in Cosmo Girl Indonesia for September edition. The team asked us to look stylish from head to toe with the budget under 499K ... Well, I hope my look is stylish enough. I think this is such a good idea because we don't have to spend lots of money to look stylish. It's about how you mix and match and feel comfortable in it ^.^

xoxo adelle


spirit of holiday


So happy that finally I have time to share another look with you.
This time is inspired by the summer spirit and my spirit of holiday.
Haha! I need more vacation. 
So, I would definitely wear this outfit on my vacation.
London is my next destination for vacation.

About the look ..
I am wearing a brown floppy hat from De Reich,
Lovely simple pink shirt from Seen Label,
Floral shorts from Rosebud,
Bag - from my mom,
Skulls bracelet from Goitaa,
Cross necklace - Forever 21.

" A woman is never sexier
 than when she is comfortable in her clothes. "
- Vera Wang

I hope this post is quite inspiring.
Thank you for reading.

xoxo adelle


roses and stripes!

Another post about my outfit.
It's so simple, I was just playing with patterns.
Perfectly fit with the hot weather.

Love everything about Istanbul and the Grand Bazaar!

xoxo adelle