under the sun

Another dress from La delle Clothing.
This is Backy dress.
Hhmm... I can say that most of the girls really like this dress.
Why?? Because it's sold out in the first couple day.
Well well... such a really nice thing.

I really like this picture because the sunlight really make the picture beautiful,
and the color is really nice.

xoxo adelle


go green

Yeay!! Another items from my La Delle Clothing!
The green daily coat and the grey sheer skirt.
No need to worry about wearing this kind of outfit in Jakarta, why??
Because it is made from a comfortable fabrics that fits the Jakarta's uncertain weather.

Now, you can also find us on Facebook!!

One more thing, I really like the black boots I bought at Linea.
Really comfortable to wear.

xoxo adelle


red velvet

Another bright color for the look.
Lately, I love to wear colorful outfit.
It's brighten up my day and my mood.
Surely, I will explore more color for another looks.
I will try neon colorsss!!

Pink stripes top from Loushkii
Red velvet skirt from The Pretty Rabbit
Brown bag - H&M
Floral wedges - Amante
Glasses and bracelets - H&M, leather belt - Topman

So, this is my inspiring red velvet roll cake from Starbucks.
It's extremely delicious.
It is a 'must try' cake if  you go to Starbucks!!

xoxo adelle


mini me


Well, finally my own clothing line is open now!!
Yes, La delle Clothing.
The concept is simple and vintage.
It's tailor made and one of a kind.
I love to play with patterns.
Sooo, the clothes are limited edition.
You can visit the blog for more details and more designs.

This is me, wearing one of my fave designs from my own clothing line.
Simple, vintage and good cutting.
I am wearing flat shoes for the casual look, 
but you can wear ankle boots or oxford shoes to look more stylish.

xoxo adelle


electrical leopard

It's been a while since the last time I posted about my daily look to my blog.
So many things to do, so sometimes I prefer to go to sleep than updating my daily look on my blog.
But, from now on I will try to do my best to always share my daily look and hopefully
it will inspired you, my readers.

This is what I wear today.
Bright color top and animal print skirt.
The yellow wedges is the other lovely item for the look.

H&M blue top, Topman leather belt, La delle Cloth leopard skirt,
The Little Things She Needs yellow wedges,
Alexander Wang grey bag,
Forever21 necklace, H&M bracelets

You can try this kind of look at home.
Bright color + animal print = super fun!!

xoxo adelle



Few days ago, me and team from Lookbook Jakarta had a photo shoot for our next event.
Hectic?? Yeah, of course.
Twelve non model models in a same room. Different style and personality.
Me and Ario, we work as a duo. We prepared the clothes for the other non model models.
Big thanks for Salvi and Melody for helping us with the steamer and accessories styling.

Me wearing my own mini dreamcatcher necklace as a headpiece for one of the photo concepts.
SHOES!! Ooomagah!!
Some of them are mine. Well, four of them are mine.
Do you know which shoes are mine??

Tosavica blue asymmetrical jumpsuit, Zara flat shoes


Me and Genu

This picture taken by Ario using my own camera.
This is not the official picture for the event. It's just for my personal collection.


The polkadot clothes are my favorite.
The two tone pants are to die for.
I really like it!!
Please, give it to me!!
*meehh, selfish, as usual*

xoxo adelle

days at work..

Hey ho!! 
After I finished my life as a young doctor on December, I am working with this 3 full of fun guys 
for the next Lookbook Jakarta's BIG event on April.
These are some fun silly photos of us during our free time at the office.

I got these black and white photos from Ario's blog.
We share pictures from each other blog sometimes.
You know, sometimes we're too lazy or even forgot to take some nice pictures
because we're too excited having chit chat with some friends.
So, we decided to share some photos sometimes. 

Me -- Ario -- Yudhie -- Amril
Charles and Keith shoes

Me and Ario has the same job.
The photo shoot and fashion show for the event are under our responsibility.
From the clothes, shoes and even the accessories.
So tiring sometimes, but for me this is a really full of fun experience.

The clothes are nice.
I want all of the polkadot items for myself.
Haha! So selfish.

xoxo adelle


Our friendship - now and then ..

Finally, my bestest friend on earth, Asterina, back to Jakarta for few weeks!!
She live in Canada since we were still in senior high.
She's married now, with a Russian guy and she has such a really cute little boy!!
So envy! Ahaha! 


Thomas Wylde bag, Bow necklace - Forever21, Bracelets - H&M,
Cat eye glasses from proopticals.com

Mohammad Syahid Berlin


These are some our old photos from few years ago. When we're still single. LOL.

Aksara, Kemang

La Codefin, Kemang

Grand Indonesia

Cafe Amor, Kemang

Well, hopefully we'll be friends until we're become grannies.
I hope she move back to Jakarta as soon as possible.
I can not find someone like you !!

ooh, i forgot!

I forgot that I still have this photos in my own camera! OMG!
Here are some nice photos when I arrived in Hong Kong.

The taxi's interior from the back seat. Kinda nice, I think.
So many ornaments and ooh, I almost forgot, the taxi driver has 5 cell phones!
Have no idea how he manage to pay the bills. Ckck. 

We were stay at Best Western Hotel, Causway Bay.
This is my bed. Pretty small but comfortable.

The view from my hotel room. Really nice.
Buildings. Mountain. Sunlight.
Lovely vacation!

Finally, my silly face at the end. Haha!

Pattern sweater from sheinside.com , Skull bracelets are unbranded, big stone bracelet from H&M



Day 3.
We went to Macau!!
Crazy. Excited. And then exhausted.
My dad really curious about this place. Well, he spent his money at The Venetian, gambling.
Me, my mom and my brother, we just sit there and watch.
We know nothing about gamble or gambling.

I am pretty good at reading map. 
Well, it's not that difficult.
Trust me.

My parents

Ruins of St. Paul's

The Ruins of St. Paul's (PortugueseRuínas de São PauloChinese大三巴牌坊pinyinDàsānbā Páifāng) refers to the ruins of a 16th century complex in Macau including of what was originally St. Paul's College and the Cathedral of St. Paul also known as "Mater Dei", a 17th century Portuguese cathedral dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle. Today, the ruins are one of Macau's most famous landmarks. In 2005, they were officially enlisted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Centre of Macau. 

Macau is a beautiful place to visit.
Especially if you love to spend some times at the casinos.
I saw so many grandmas and grandpas on their wheelchair, 
in a casino, gambling. Funny and weird at the same time.

xoxo adelle