days at work..

Hey ho!! 
After I finished my life as a young doctor on December, I am working with this 3 full of fun guys 
for the next Lookbook Jakarta's BIG event on April.
These are some fun silly photos of us during our free time at the office.

I got these black and white photos from Ario's blog.
We share pictures from each other blog sometimes.
You know, sometimes we're too lazy or even forgot to take some nice pictures
because we're too excited having chit chat with some friends.
So, we decided to share some photos sometimes. 

Me -- Ario -- Yudhie -- Amril
Charles and Keith shoes

Me and Ario has the same job.
The photo shoot and fashion show for the event are under our responsibility.
From the clothes, shoes and even the accessories.
So tiring sometimes, but for me this is a really full of fun experience.

The clothes are nice.
I want all of the polkadot items for myself.
Haha! So selfish.

xoxo adelle

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