Our friendship - now and then ..

Finally, my bestest friend on earth, Asterina, back to Jakarta for few weeks!!
She live in Canada since we were still in senior high.
She's married now, with a Russian guy and she has such a really cute little boy!!
So envy! Ahaha! 


Thomas Wylde bag, Bow necklace - Forever21, Bracelets - H&M,
Cat eye glasses from proopticals.com

Mohammad Syahid Berlin


These are some our old photos from few years ago. When we're still single. LOL.

Aksara, Kemang

La Codefin, Kemang

Grand Indonesia

Cafe Amor, Kemang

Well, hopefully we'll be friends until we're become grannies.
I hope she move back to Jakarta as soon as possible.
I can not find someone like you !!


  1. she has a very cute baby! :)
    it's so wonderful to have such a nice friendship like you do

  2. the baby so cute, and look so adorable!