we are FAB

Holla, my readers!

Today I will share my fun experience with FAB - Fashion Against Bullying.
Me and some of my blogger friends took some pictures for this campaign few months ago.
Well, in my personal opinion it has a really good concept.
As a human, each one of us clearly has different sense of style.
Sadly, now we realize that fashion bullying is real.
We're supposed to be free to wear any kind of clothes that we want to wear.
Unfortunately, many suffers in silent like Brandon Bitner, the 14 year old boy from Mount Pleasant Mills, USA, who committed suicide in 2010 after being bullied constantly in his high school.

That's why I always love this sentence...
" I wear what I like and I like what I wear. "

So, don't listen to what other people say about your look, your style...
We're unique, we're free and we have no time to listen or pay attention 
to any kind of insults from JEALOUS PEOPLE out there.

" We only live once, explore your sense of style, 

wear what you want to wear.

Have fun, be silly and enjoy your life. "
Fashion Against Bullying (FAB) is a social media campaign that strives to spread awareness and take a stand against fashion bullying. FAB members can take part in the campaign by sharing their confessions along with contributing their looks to help support fashion bullying victims on www.supportFAB.com

Feel free to join.
Feel free to contribute.
Feel free to be one of us.

xoxo adelle



Hi, my readers!
How are you?
I hope that you're doing okay!

Today, I had a really rough day ever!
Such a bad day.
I was so upset, sad and mad today. 
Because I have to cancel my vacation to South Korea next month!!
You know that I really really really want to go there soooo baadddddly...
Now, I'm feeling so dizzy while typing this post.
Haha!! It is crazy and unbelievable ... I blame my little brother for this.
Yes, it is his fault!

About the look...
I am wearing denim jacket from Zara,
unbranded tee and disco pants,
H&M glasses,
Converse shoes,
Alexander Wang grey bag.

About the title of this post, it's bulgeunsak,
it means RED. It's Korean language.
Well, I hope someday I can go to Korea.
Go to Jeju Island, eating kimchi and take some pictures of myself wearing Hanbok,
Korean traditional clothes.

Well, I have to go now.
I have to wake up early in the morning and heading to Bandung with my mom.
See you soon!
xoxo adelle


summer spirit

Apa kabar, my readers??
It's been a while ...

Well, today I'd like to share my idea for summer look.
Actually, here in Jakarta, it's like summer everyday along the year,
but many magazines discuss about summer...
the swimsuits, sunnies, vacations and many more.

In my opinion, the most important thing to dress in summer 
is that we should consider about the fabric of the clothes that we're going to wear.
When summer, it would be more comfortable if we're wearing clothes with a thin material.
BUT, doesn't mean we have to dress super sexy and showing our boobs or butt to many people.

 About the look...
For this look, I am wearing abstract top from La delle Clothing,
H&M pink necklace,
lace short from Goitaa Shop,
Celine bag,
Tree Hi leopard from Up Shoes.

  This look is totally simple... top, shorts, sling bag and wedges.
To make it more eye catchy, just try to play with patterns.

xoxo adelle