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Today is another lip swatch post and i am exciting! The lippies are from the brand named polka and the lip lacquer named polka matteness. From the name you knew that the finish is matte ... but the formula is surprisingly moisturizing and so comfortable on the lips, really similar to L.A girl matte liquid lipstick and for me another interesting point is that they're local brand... Yes, they're from Indonesia!!! I am not saying that they're so good because the brand originally from my country... I swear they're so good and long wearing. They won't make your lips looks super dry and disgusting. That's important. If you're from another country, i hope you can get your hands on this products and you'll understand what i am talking about. 

So far, there's only four shades available, i hope that they will release more nudes and purple shade. The applicator is a bit stiff but you can still applying the product really well. I have nothing to complain about the product. 

Here are my lip swatches  of the four shades.

Jingle Giggle
Get in the swing
From all of the four shades, my favourite shades are Maraccas and Tambourine.
How about you? Which shade is your favourite??

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Make up details :

Foundation - Covergirl Outlast Fabulous - 842
Concealer - Bye Bye under eye by It cosmetics
Brow - Nyx micro brown pencil - espresso and Gimme brow by Benefit
Eye shadow - Lorac Skinny Palette - Black
Eye liner - Stila all day liquid liner in brown colour
Bronzer - Marc Jacobs - tantric
Blush - Nyx mosaic - 04 Peach
Finishing powder - Hourglass - Luminous Flush

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Eternally Yours

Holla beauties!
This is gonna be my first post in 2016! 

This time I am going to write about every girl's biggest problem… yes, lipstick! So, this is my first time trying out Stila's all day liquid lipsticks and I decided to get the Eternally Yours holiday set and it has 6 shades in mini size which is great if you just want to try out the product. From 6 shades, my fave shades  are Patina, Aria and Como and also the formula are better than the other three which are Caramello, Fiery and Chianti. Caramello is too pale for my complexion and the formula is drier than the other shades, Fiery and Chianti has different formula, they're a bit tricky to apply, so it is better to apply lip pencil first before the lipstick. 

Patina, Aria and Como are everyone's favourite (well, many lipstick junkies raves about them), beautiful shades with more comfortable and easy to apply formula. Me, personally loves Patina and Como for my daily makeup look. All of them are beautiful but those two are my fave!

Here are my lip swatches of all six shades.

Chianti - sorry for the messy swatch 
Basically, all of them are good. It depends on how well you know how to make them look great with your makeup look. I am not a master on applying makeup, that's why I only put on some natural makeup look to make the lip colour looks extraordinary. Hahaha… weird sentence!

Make up details :

Foundation - Bourjois healthy mix serum shade 53
Concealer - Bourjois healthy mix shade 53
Brow - Nyx micro brow pencil (espresso) and Benefit Gimme Brow
Eyes - Tom Ford nude dip + Tarte eye liner in purple color
Blush - Nyx (pinched)
For this makeup look I didn't apply any mascara, bronzer and highlighter. 

Well, thank you for reading! Feel free to leave a comment and share what's your favourite lipstick!

Have a good day!

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Sponsored video : Express yourselves!

Hi !

Today I want to share with you another thought about expressing yourselves. Many girls and women are afraid to express what they feel inside. Maybe because they're afraid to look weak and ugly. Well, from now on I encourage you to express any kind of feeling you have without worrying you'll look weak and ugly because we're all beautiful.

In life, each on of us have our own problems. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we're sad and angry… that's life and we have rights to express what we feel inside. In good and bad times we have to thanked God because from these situations we got many lessons learned.

Me, personally, I always try to express what I feel inside. I'll tell you if I don't like your attitude or if you do something wrong or disrespectful to other people… I always trying to be a honest person.

I know it's kinda confusing and awkward to discuss my personal thought on my blog … but if you're agree about being honest to express your feeling, kindly click on the video and see what I am trying to tell you…

Just remember, you are beautiful just the way you are… be honest and add your beauty to the world!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave a comment and have a good day!

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These video has been sponsored by Pond, but all the thoughts are my own.


Feel free to Pick My Style

Hi everyone!
I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Today I want to share with you about a new application called Pick My Style, an app that allows you to get that instant style feedback you need from other users. All made easy and exciting by posting and voting on the style feed. Seriously, the PICK THIS and KICK THIS buttons are addicting.

This app is fun and helpful at the same time. The world is your fashion advisor. Not sure which dress or shoes to wear tonight? Can't decide what to buy between Chloe Faye or Drew bag? (Haha!) The point is, when you in style doubt situation, post it and let Pick My Style app's users help you. Get unbiased straight forward results with real users helping other users give and get instant style feedback. It is that simple yet fun and exciting!

The application is available for Android and iOS users (yeah!) and when you have the app on your phone, you can post your style or #ootd, post your style inspirations, trend, fashion find, post two style you can't decide on, vote in the style feed and many more. 

I've been using the app for about a month now and I am enjoying become one of the users. I like to vote on other user's photos. So far, Pick My Style app is one of my most visit app on my phone. 

So, I posted my outfit wearing my loose and comfy cropped top and culotte 
and 57% of the users like it and the others don't. 
 Looks like my new watch has more vote than my outfit post. 
No one can say no to these beauties! 

So, the point is I really like the app. The team still working on some features and I am sure that the app will get better… which is great! Feel free to download the app (it is free!) from your App Store or Play Store… trust me, you won't regret it. Get the style inspiration you need and make better decisions with the Pick My Style app.

Thank you for reading! Don't forget to download the app ^.^
Have a nice day!

links :
Android | iOS

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Holla everyone!

Finally, another blog update! This time I want to share about these famous lipsticks from Too Faced, the Melted liquid lipstick. I know there are already millions of reviews and swatches of this lipstick but I just want to do it anyway. I am a newbie in the world of liquid lipstick, I was thinking that liquid lipsticks are weird… haha! But now I love them! So, these Melted lipsticks are my first ones. I got it in the shade Chihuahua and Berry and I loveee them. Seriously. Really comfortable to wear for daily makeup look, no sticky feeling and it lasts about 4-5 hours on my lips. The finish is matte that's why usually applied my eos lip balm before applying these lipsticks because I have a super dry lips.

Too Faced Melted lipstick in the shade Chihuahua is straight up brown lipstick… and that's why I love this one. Yes, I am a brownie lippie kind of girl (haha… oh gosh, sounds like I am a freak). I was thinking about to get the one in the shade nude and happy that I decided to get this one because the nude one is a lighter brown shade and too pale for my skin tone and clearly it will make me look like I am sick or something like that. This shade perfect for fair to medium skin tone.

Too Faced Melted in the shade Berry is such a really fun colour… well, in my opinion. It is bright and catchy, perfect for any seasons of the year. I like to wear this one when I have minimal makeup but still one to look put together. Make me look fresh and healthier. Is that make sense? (haha!)

So far, I love these Melted lipsticks from Too Faced and would like to try other shades in the future. Maybe next I'll try Fig and Violet, we'll see ^.^ I also like purple base lipstick colour. I'll write another blog post about it. 

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment or share with me what's your favourite liquid lipsticks or any makeup products that I should try.

Have a great day everyone!

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Daniel Wellington!

Hi everyone!

I am so glad that now I can manage to update my blog almost everyday! Yeay-ness!
Today I want to share about a well known watch brand called Daniel Wellington. The story behind Daniel Wellington begins with a trip half way around the globe where Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington, met an intriguing gentleman from the British Isles. The man had the inspiring ability to be genteel but still relaxed and unpretentious. He had an impeccable style and loved to wear his watches on old weathered NATO straps. His name? Well, Daniel Wellington, of course. The preppy trend is bigger than ever before but they felt that there was an empty space in the watch market. There was something missing and the Daniel Wellington team aims to fill that gap. Their vision is that when someone thinks of a preppy dressed person, he or she is wearing a Daniel Wellington watch. When Filip’s line of watches came to be launched, it was no insecurity that the brand would be named after Daniel Wellington. 

They felt it important to make the watch thin and elegant, they wanted a clean design, without too many features, that would look good with the different patterns and colours of the iconic NATO straps. Slowly but surely, a beautiful watch emerged. It was thin, refined and perfectly round. It was minimalistic and without too many features. They believe that the traditional, yet crisp design blends together perfectly with the colourful NATO strap and elegant leather strap which will appeal to almost everyone with a sense for classic and timeless design.

Classy Sheffield - 26 mm

With a case size of just 26 millimeters, this is the most minimalistic collection of watches by Daniel Wellington. The finish creates a beautiful harmony between the band and the exclusive Swarovski crystals, and the slim dial makes it a watch that oozes classy femininity. The ultra-thin (6mm) Daniel Wellington watch is suitable for every occasion. Whether you are attending a formal event, playing a game of tennis or enjoying a sunny day at the country club, Daniel Wellington makes for a beautiful companion. Not only that, but with interchangeable straps you will have a unique timepiece for every day of the week.

Personalize your DW watch. Each and every one of their watches have interchangeable straps which make every watch unique. Their leather straps are made of genuine Italian, quality leather and are available in brown and black with a silver or gold plated brace. 

Now, go to their website and order one of their beautiful watches… feel free to use my discount code 'dwadelle' to get 15% discount from the website shopping! The shipping is free! 

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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by the sea

Hi peeps!

So glad… happy… excited to be back here… writing another article for my blog! I've been so busy with my baby boy, yes, common reason from a blogger mommy. Haha! Can't believe that being a mommy is a full of fun experience and full of surprises. I am so blessed :)

Okay, enough about the motherhood thing because today I want to introduce you to a brand from Bali named By the Sea designed by Brazilian designer Renato Vianna and he spent 15 years with Brazil’s best-known menswear fashion house Richards before moving to Bali in 1993. Spending his life on the beach from childhood on he knows the beach lifestyle as no other. Combined with his fashion heritage, his grandfather was a tailor, mother made the family clothes, so a career in the fashion industry was inevitable. After working in sales retail for two years he started to make his own line of shorts and the instant success made him move to Bali in 1993, where he started to do the production by himself. By the Sea, was found in 1997 with the first outlet based in Legian, Bali. Being inspired by the island’s vibrant colors, natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle his idea was to create pieces that fit with a tropical lifestyle. He has succeeded in taking high quality originally designed fabrics and turning them into easy to wear cool and comfortable resort wear and currently sold in 4 countries worldwide.

Being a mom and living in a cray cray hot city like Surabaya are the reasons why I like to wear simple, comfortable and stylish outfit. Wearing outfit from By the Sea it feels like everyday is holiday because it has beachy (is it a word??) and nautical themes and feeling. Well, yes, the brand is from Bali, no wonder it is so appropriate to wear the designs while you're in vacation to a place like Bali, Lombok, and everywhere else that has beaches. I like to wear their clothes even tough I just strolling around the city, taking my baby out on the weekend in comfortable shorts and stripes loose top ^.^

Burkina glasses - Polette eyewear, grey cardigan - Zara
stripes loose top - By the Sea, green shorts - By the Sea
black shoes - H&M, Classy Sheffield watch - Daniel Wellington 

By the Sea just launched their webshop this month, so kindly check out their site at bytheseatropical.com and follow their instagram @bytheseatropical

Have a good day!

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pretty small shoes

Hi lovelies!

Today I wanna share with you about a shop and web shop called Pretty Small Shoes. Yes, this is a really good news for you who has small feet and has problem to find pretty shoes in small sizes. So, let me introduce you to Pretty Small Shoes, this small shoes and petite shoes retailer web site and new London store are owned and operated by Pretty Small Shoes Ltd who are completely dedicated to your total small size shoes satisfaction. They are dedicated to finding you the best small shoes available in the world and bringing them to you. Small but high, fashion heels, petite but sexy flats and pumps, they have them all. They work very hard to bring you the world's best and biggest range of high fashion small size shoes and to make sure that they are able to do this they are totally focussed on delivering you the very best online (worldwide shipping!) and in-store service that they can. And if you're living in London, this is another good news for you, as a result of this focus they have moved to a fabulous new shop location in Bloomsbury Central London (4-11 Galen place, Off Bury Place) where they can ensure you get to try for size and style the most fabulous small size shoes available anywhere!

I got myself a beautiful mid heels shoes from them because I am the kind of girl who can not wearing high heels more than two hours. I'd love to wear beautiful high heels all day long, but unfortunately I don't have a super power like that so flat shoes and mid heels shoes are my best friends. Aspire Daytime in brown and khaki is my favourite, you can find them in the mid heels category when you visit the site. Love the colour combination and the ostrich texture leather.

Want to know what makes their pretty small shoes even better? 
They can be made to fit with every order. Once you choose your petit shoes and select your size, they will be custom crafted and delivered straight to your door, so you can slip them onto your feet with a relieving ease and show them off in comfort!

Kindly check out the Pretty Small Shoes website and follow their instagram account to see more beautiful shoes in small sizes!

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day everyone

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Aqua and Velvet

Holla everyone! 
I hope y'all have a great day!

Today I want to share about my holy grail high end liquid foundations. Yes, they're Chanel foundations, Vitalumiere Aqua and Perfection Lumiere Velvet. I know both of this foundations are already released for years and I am kinda late to post about this kind of things… haha, but still, many people out there still need some informations and reviews about these two. 

I've tried the vitalumiere aqua on my wedding day about almost 2 years ago. Always wanted to try it for yeaarrsss but … you know, it is quite pricey, so I always end up buying another foundations from the drugstore. When finally I got my hands on this product, I am so excited! Vitalumiere has dewy finish on my skin, so if you have dry skin like me, you might love this product and if you have combination skin you need to set the foundation a little bit and if you have oily skin… hhmm, I think you would not like it.

Perfection Lumiere Velvet is another favourite of mine. It's matte finish.  Honestly, I prefer this one to vitalumiere aqua. Many reviews said that it's great for oily skin type, but I've tried this one and I love it. I moisturised my skin with maracuja oil and then apply this on my face to get beautiful satin finish. 

Both of the foundations are light to medium coverage which is great because full coverage or heavy makeup look is not my thing. I only wear one layer of foundation or BB cream to even out my skin tone. Another great thing about them is the packaging. It's small, simple and travel friendly. No need to worry about breaking the glass bottle. I like to apply them on my face using beauty blender sponge. I never apply foundations using my fingers, it's just so weird... in my opinion.

One more thing… I think I have dupes of this foundations. I found that Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation is similar to Vitalumiere aqua and Covergirl 3in1 Outlast Fabulous is similar to Perfection Lumiere Velvet :)

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day.

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