shoes and bags

During my pregnancy, I am not willing to put on some make up so I rarely took photos of my ootds.
So, I end up made this kind of shoes and bags photos ^.^

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See ya..

xoxo adelle

navy and sandstone

Another new addition to my accessories collection… Yes! It's DuePunti bangles!
Yoohoo! I am so excited! Their products are addicting!
Diamonds with colourful silicone… really want to try their clarity collections next time ^.^

Feel free to visit www.duepunti.co.id to get yours and follow the 3 easy steps to make your perfect and fun colour combination…

Mine are in navy and sandstone colour … 

The buying experience offered by DuePunti is not the same as that given for a conventional piece of diamond jewellery: it is more accessible, more personal, and more fun.
Happy shopping!
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xoxo adelle

i'm back!

OH MY GOD… Finally, I am back… it's been months since my last post…
well, my last post was on December 2013, so I can say that this is my very first post on 2014!
I am so sorry about my absence and laziness during my pregnancy. I don't know why I felt so lazy to update my blog for the last few months… I think it's because I am too tired because I'm still working as an aesthetic doctor and my day off are only on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. It is good to keep myself busy during this situation… well, as long as I am not feeling stress or something like that.

Me and husband are so happy that we're going to have a baby boy!

Baby J playing with his placenta...

I am feeling totally healthy for the last few weeks.
No dizziness, no headache, or anything like that, so I'll try to keep my blog updated … from now on.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day everyone.

xoxo adelle


Christmas days with Cloth Inc.

Hello everyone! So glad that finally I am back!
I was having a rough day for the last few weeks during my very first pregnancy!
Yes! I am happily announce that I am pregnant… 11 weeks! 
Me and husband are so happy and excited! What a good news on Christmas!
Please, wish me luck for my first pregnancy… I hope that everything will going well until the delivery day! Hoho… so happy and nervous at the same time.

Well, enough with the pregnancy news, now it's time for another fun news…
So, last week I got a parcel from Cloth inc, let me tell you a bit about the brand.
Cloth inc is a local brand founded in early 2012 by Julian Tanoto, a 21 years old student who are currently majoring marketing and found her passion in both fashion and business. The brand went viral and grows fast and until today Cloth inc has sold more than 15,000 clothes all over Indonesia and Malaysia.
Cloth Inc is a ready to wear clothing line that aimed to bring fashion conscious people with the latest trend in every season. They deliver young vibe with the essence of comfort (which is really important for me) and practicality in their creative designs.
As the brand Cloth Inc is spelled fast to be 'clothing' itself, they would like to be the place where you will remember when you think about clothing, they're keep growing to be your reliable place to find what you need for fashion.


This season, they express their collection in the shades of earth and neutral tones shown in the palette of broken white, creme, camel brown and black. The collection they present in these warm earth tones are made to resemble the feeling of Fall/Winter season, wrapped in semi minimalist, modern urban silhouette and styled in layers of coats and knitwear.

Feel free to click and stop bye at their webstore at www.clothinc-shop.com to shop their latest fall/winter collection ^.^

Happy shopping everyone!

xoxo adelle


pullover and head crown

Hi everyone! Another weekend and another look to share…
Today I'll share with you another comfortable outfit to try. As usual, it's so simple, you just need to play with colours and patterns. I am a big fan of sweaters and pullovers, so I am so excited when martofchine.com sent me this cute and colourful pullover. 

Do you know who's martofchina.com? 
MartOfChina.com is a China-based global online wholesaler that is a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon cheap fashion clothing. From the moment they founded MartOfChina.com, their vision was to empower people worldwide in buying and selling online. 

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, Martofchina offers the same price to all: the lowest possible. Whether you’re a retailer who refuses to pay the high prices in your country, or a shopper looking to get hold of the latest products, MartOfChina.com provides light-speed service and fantastic prices. They buy direct from an ever expanding network of Chinese manufacturers so they can keep costs low while maintaining the highest of standards. 

Feel free to visit their site for more tempting and good quality clothes and shoes in affordable price!

What I wore…
colourful pullover from martofchina.com,
skull print shirt from La dell Cloth,
yellow shorts from Auburn and Ginger,
H&M necklace,
Zara box bag,
unbranded heart shape ring.

Thank you for reading!
Have a fun weekend y'all!

xoxo adelle


current favourite!

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing great!
Today I am going to share my current favourite stuffs. Some of them are new stuffs and some of them I got from few months ago but still become my favourite.

From my previous post, I've already mention my upcoming EOS lip balm collection in Medicated Tangerine flavour. Well, I have a super dry lips and this lip balm works amazing. It moisturised my lips! It also smells okay … I can smell something weird from it but I think it's because it is medicated, so it's not a big deal for me.

I also have a dry body skin, so lotion wasn't good enough to moisturised my skin and I have to use body butter to solve my skin problem. My favourite are from The Body Shop. Most of them smells great and works well for my skin!

Messy bun is my favourite hair style since I am having an extreme long hair now (and I am going to salon as soon as possible and cut them off … not all of them, just want to make it shorter) so I like to use this cute bow pin on the side of my messy bun just to make it more cuter.

YSL lipsticks are everyone's favourite. Their colours are adorable! 
Planning to get the Le Orange after I am done with this one ^.^

This one is a lip balm. I bought it in Hong Kong few months ago. Love the smell and the packaging is cute. But, it doesn't works really well for my super dry lips … I like it and keep it because of the packaging.

Yes! I just bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 few days ago and I love it. This is my first time using smartphone from Samsung. Not because I am a Korean lover, but it is seriously because this gadget contains many useful applications. I was planning to buy iPhone 5c or 5s, but when I saw this one and saw the comparison video between iPhone 5s vs Galaxy Note 3, I can see that iPhone is boring. I am not an iPhone hater since I am still using my 4s now. Still need to learn how to use this phone, but so far, this gadget is really cool. Decided to get the white one because the jet black colour is too masculine for me.

Well, thank you for reading!
Have a good day y'all.

xoxo adelle


inside my make up pouch...

Hello everyone! 
Another post about beauty products and this time I will share about my daily make up products.
I am not a make up junkie but I do love to have lovely beauty products. Usually, I never put on too much make up and sometimes I go out without any make up on, just my skincare on my face. 

As you can see that I also have a facial mask, analgesic and hand cream in my make up pouch... just in case I need to use them. I believe that most of you have heard many raves about SK-II products and yes, I love their products, I love their facial masks and that's why I always have one in my pouch. It rehydrated my skin really well and makes my skin smooth and supple. 
The yellow tube is my favourite hand cream! It smells good and really moisturised my super dry hand skin. I bought it at Watsons, Hong Kong. Still can not find it in Indonesia. Akh, too bad!
I also have my analgesic with me everywhere I go. I often to get headache under the extreme hot weather, so that's why I need it.

SK-II face powder and Etude House blush on in strawberry muffin colour
 SK-II face powder is one of my favourite face powders I have. I also have my Make Up Forever duo mat and 17 (I bought it in Bangkok, and it is a good compact powder). For daily make up, I use my SK-II face powder, it contains vitamin C and sunscreen (SPF 20). Two thumbs up for this product!

My one and only blush on is from Etude House in strawberry muffin colour. The packaging is really cute and so Korean. The colour is also nice and looks naturally pink on your cheeks. Just make sure you're not use it excessively. Remember, less (make up) is more ^,^

Currently, I am living in Surabaya and the weather is extremely hot and dry. My lips and skin are became more drier and I need extra treatments to keep them moist. 
The new addition to my lip treatment pack is my EOS lip balm in Honeysuckle flavour. It is a great product and it can moisturised my very dry lips. I am also still waiting for the medicated tangerine (since it's not available in Indonesia, so I bought it online) and I heard that it's made to cure the very very dry lips... I'll do a review post after I use it for couple weeks. And so far, I have no complain about it and I recommend you to have one if you have dry lips problem. It also good to use under your lipstick! Worth to try...

Next is my chubby stick moisturizing lip colour balm from Clinique. This one is another favourite because I don't need to put on any lipstick because this one comes with intense red colour. I bought this one because I lost my red colour lipstick ... also from Clinique and the colour turned out pretty the same between the lip balm and lipstick. Intense!

Nivea lip gloss is another favourite and I only use it at home because it's a bit glossy and I don't really like walking around with glossy lips. The only complain about this one is the 'glossy look' thing.

Another glossy lip product is this Vaseline petroleum jelly. We all know that this product is an expert to moisturised very dry lips and skin and again... the only complain is the glossy and oily look. I often apply this on my lips at night before I go to bed.

And for the eyes, I only applies eye liner and light mascara and both of them have to be waterproof. 
Eye shadow and brow pencil are only for special occasion. For eye liner, I have lots of them mostly in brown colour, black and grey. My fave are Estee Lauder, Dior, Etude House and Maybeline
For mascara, I only have three, it's Elf, Revlon and Maybeline
Nothing special about my eye make ups, I just think that most of them from many different brands are just works the same ^.^

The products review is based on my personal opinion, some people may like the products and some people don't... and just wanted to let you know that this is not a sponsored post.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
Have a good day everyone!

xoxo adelle


i am sorry...

Holla everyone!

I just want to say I am sorry if I didn't or forgot to reply all your comments on my blog post. I've read all of them via email and when I logged in to my blog I often forgot to replied. I did check out all your blogs and sometimes I left a comment when I have much time blogging. As you know that I also working as an aesthetic doctor and now I am a wife, I often don't have much time checking out my blog. Usually after finished a blog post, I logged out and forgot to reply the comments. I am so sorry. From now on I'll try to remember to check and reply all your comments. I hope you understand.

I am also thinking about to change my blog name and design as soon as possible when I got back to Jakarta. I feel like I am changed since I got married. Now I am really into beauty world, I am still love fashion but lately, I like to try out many beauty products and wrote about it. So, my next new blog concept is about Fashion & Beauty. 

I hope that everything is going well.

Thank you for reading and the understanding!
Have a good day lovely readers ^.^

with love, Adelle 


SK-II Facial Treatment Reapair C

Last week, I went to SK-II counter in Surabaya to get my skin checked using the magic ring.
It was the first time and thankfully the result not really bad... I think. I have problem with my texture refinement and it equal 31 years old woman's skin -__-" ...well, it's bad.
I've been using facial treatment essence for months and their serums and moisturisers since August.
I have no idea what will happen if I don't treat my skin really well, maybe I'll have 50 years old kind of skin as the result. 

I got some sample size products and one of them was this Facial Treatment Repair C. At first I thought 'C' stand for Vitamin C, but it's not, it is for 'Concentrate'... it works as a serum and it moisturised my skin really well. I use this after FTE and before my other serums. Even tough it's just a sample product, it comes with fancy bottle and I like it. I am planning repurchase this product because it did a great job to my skin!

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle