yes! it's disco pants!

This kind of pants is stealing my attention ... my mom bought me 3 different colors of this pants.
The problem is, i have no idea how to wear this pants. Haaha! 
So far, i got no idea how to mix and match this pants with my tops and shoes.
I'll figure it out as soon as possible. 

Please,, feel free to leave an advice or ideas about the pants! =]

the goods dept. and level one

let's start the journey ... the local designers are great!!
hopefully, someday i will be one of them.
wish me luck! =]



Abacus Shoes

Deer - i like the colors and patterns. lovely.


Danjyo Hiyoji

Well, so far Level One is still my favorite.
The Goods Dept. sells soooo many cute bags and accessories,
but the prices is killing me. I'm not a big fans of expensive stuffs.
So, even if it's a 'damnly' adorable stuff but the price is crazy, i won't buy it.


lookbook jakarta

the mall was closing ... and we're still there,
taking pictures of ourself and styles...

saturday nite!

my dinner ... yummy!

Jensen and Ario

Toge, Amril and Me

silly !

my guyfriend 1 : ' i think the vocalist is so cute ... '
me, asking my other guyfriend : ' i thought the vocalist is a guy ... or, is it a girl ?? '
my guyfriend 2 : ' yeah, it's a guy ... '
me : -- confuse --
my guyfriend 1 : ' i'm a gay ' -- smiling -- 
me ?? freezing for a few seconds and then i laugh.

Well, whoever you are, gay or not, you're still my friend. Gay thing is not a problem for me. 
You're full of fun, that's the most important thing for me.  (^^,)


photo booth

HAHAHA!! okey, this is my silly photo with the nurses at the emergency room...
this picture taken while the ER is totally empty, but around 10 minutes after,
the ER filled with sick people. Errrgh! I was so tired that night!

During my free time. No surgery. No emergency room. No patients.

Daily silly day. Lovely.
No matter how old you get,

there are some times all you just need is

your Mom!

i looove my mom so much!!
she's everything to me.
she's so funny and knows how to enjoy her life.


The coat is my fave! 

Skull and UP

Hello there!! it's been a while =]
This would be the other look of me wearing this UP shoes. 
The skull cardigan is great and the black short is comfortable. 

Now i'm at hospital and updating my blog during my night shift. Haha!
What can i do? i miss my blog! =]
Hopefully i will have more time to updating my blog by next month...