velvet and pearl

Another look for today...
This time the theme is velvet. 
The velvet dress is so simple and the color is lovely.
Yes, as usual, it's a tailor made dress.
Well, another lovely item from the look is the pearl collar.
This is one of my favorite collars I have. Simple but classic.

This is such a really simple and nice mini dress for party.
Birthday party, for example. You can wear black heels or nude or gold, maybe, depends on what kind 
of party you're going to attend with this dress.
Or maybe you can also wearing black tights and ankle boots for the edgy look.
Happy mix and match!!

Ooh, I almost forgot, I want to share with my favorite Indonesian song with you all.
I am listening to this song over and over now.

It's Sewindu by Tulus... 

I really love this song.
How about you??

xoxo adelle


roses are red


This time I'd love to share another look with you, my readers.
Well, it is an ordinary and casual look... loose top, pleated skirt and satchel bag,
but the 3D roses fabric of the top make it looks different and a little bit extraordinary.
I love the color of the loose top and it is a tailor made. 
I also in love with the blue mini skirt, it is from Seen Label.
It is a very simple pleated skirt, but the color is nice. In my opinion, the skirt is cute.

I bought the pink floral headband in Turkey, it is only 5 TL,
the vintage necklace is from Forever 21,
the loose top is my own design item and it is tailor made,
blue arora skirt is from Seen Label,
brown satchel bag is from H&M.

I hope this post will inspired you, my readers.

See ya!

xoxo adelle


Turkey, day 6..

Another post about my vacation ... boring, I know. Haha!
But, I have to finish it to the last day.
Please, be patients...

The first place for today is The Underground City in Cappadocia.
The place was surprisingly cold. Naturally cold.

From the underground, we move to Jewelry and Diamond Shop.
Hhhmm... I love jewelry and diamond, but the price ... it was too expensive, FOR ME.
So, I left the shop earlier than the other members of the group.
These are some beautiful photos of Cappadocia, not far away from the shop ...

Wa had lunch at the underground restaurant.
It was such a really nice experience!

The weather was incredibly hot!
... and we were there, in the dessert, no trees to hide from the sunlight.

The famous camel shape stone in Cappadocia
me. my mom. brother
Some pictures from ceramics industry...

Turkiye Carpets...
Now I understand why the Turkish Carpets are so expensive.

The last stop for today, Goreme.

Today was amazingly hot.
But I had a really good day.

xoxo adelle