Turkey, day 6..

Another post about my vacation ... boring, I know. Haha!
But, I have to finish it to the last day.
Please, be patients...

The first place for today is The Underground City in Cappadocia.
The place was surprisingly cold. Naturally cold.

From the underground, we move to Jewelry and Diamond Shop.
Hhhmm... I love jewelry and diamond, but the price ... it was too expensive, FOR ME.
So, I left the shop earlier than the other members of the group.
These are some beautiful photos of Cappadocia, not far away from the shop ...

Wa had lunch at the underground restaurant.
It was such a really nice experience!

The weather was incredibly hot!
... and we were there, in the dessert, no trees to hide from the sunlight.

The famous camel shape stone in Cappadocia
me. my mom. brother
Some pictures from ceramics industry...

Turkiye Carpets...
Now I understand why the Turkish Carpets are so expensive.

The last stop for today, Goreme.

Today was amazingly hot.
But I had a really good day.

xoxo adelle

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  1. still following your trip story, esp the photos :)