Turkey, Day 4 and 5 ..

Hello again my readers!
Another story about my vacation in Turkey, I hope you're not get bored.
Well, today I went to another beautiful places... and now another report about it.

Our first stop for today, The Virgin Mary's House in Ephesus.
It was a really nice area, so many trees around the house and you can feel the different atmosphere here.

You can write down your pray on the letter and put it on the wall.
Hhmm... one of them is mine. I hope my prayer will be granted.

So, after that we moved to the ruins of St. John's in Ephesus.
Many people believe that John the Baptist was buried here.


From Ephesus, we moved the next beautiful place.
It's Cotton Castle in Pamukkale. So beautiful and unbelievable.
It's as white as snow, but it isn't snow. 
I think it's the nicest place that I have ever visited.

The next day, before we continue the trip to Cappadocia,
the local guide took us to this place, in front of the Cotton Castle to take some nice pictures...
and yes, it was really beautiful and we were the first group who get there.

... and after that, we continued the trip to Cappadocia, it was 9 hours and... by bus.
Thank God that the local guide had some nice movies and he played it along the way to Cappadocia so we don't get bored on the bus. It was 9 hours!

In Konia, before we got to Cappadocia, we went to Mevlana Museum.
It was a mosque, but now it is a museum.
It was a really important place, especially for Moslem people.
They learn about their religion here.

Today was totally hot, it was 40 degrees Celcius.
Jeesh! I am overcooked!

xoxo adelle


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