Happy sunday my lovely readers!
Today was... Hhmm, hectic! Haha!
I was busy preparing my CV, I am planning to work at a skin care center as a GP. 
Please.. Wish me luck for this.. I really want this job, so badly.
Well, let's hope for the best for everything.

I got this lovely shoes from Shoe Corner today!
The shoes are really comfortable with good quality materials!
Feel free to visit their blog up on www.shoe-corner.blogspot.com ...
My favorite unbranded bracelets and bag ... Yes, I love my Bao Bao bag!!
Hhhmm... this picture was taken on my way home this afternoon.
Jeez, my skin looks so pale...

Actually, I have to go to bed now, I need some rest.
Tomorrow I am going to Turkey for summer vacation.
I heard that the weather is pretty hot.
I am not a big fan of sunlight and UV.
Haha! Well, but still, I can't wait to get there as soon as possible...
Turkey has sooooo many beautiful scenery ...

Ooh, okey... it's 1AM here, seriously I have to go.

Bye my readers!

xoxo adelle

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  1. i love those shoes! they give you such a chic look. cute blog btw girl :)