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Hollaaa my readers!
Long time no see! How are you?

Today I want to share with you about online shopping.
Well, I've done this kind of thing like... hundreds times.
Especially when I was a young doctor, I didn't have much time to go to the mall and shopping.
So, the easiest thing to do the shopping is via online.
All I have to do is just sitting in front of my computer, searching for the items on the internet and order,
I can do the payment using mobile banking. It's that easy.

Speaking about online shopping, clearly you have to visit the online shopping sites.
Lately, I found a really interesting online shopping site, it's Dskon.com
I can find so many cool brands and other online shops from the site.

Dskn.com is an innovative deal aggregator and online shopping portal websites that operates under Global Leads Group, an internal technology company that operates digital media, 
content, and communications business in the world.
Dskon.com is informative because in every Online Store or in every vendor page that has been visited, the user can find an overview about the online store that they chosed, starting from its  product and services, payment and delivery methods, store's contact number, even to its return policy. Not only that, every user can also share their personal comments and review about the particular store. In different words, other customers who landed on the page and would like to make a new transaction in this particular online store, will be very much informed and aware with all the informations that can be found. 

Are you curious about the site and ready to go shopping now??
Click here to visit their online shops.
And their also have their own interesting blog about fashion and other topics.
Please, feel free to read the blog from here.

My fave blog post from the site is absolutely about the black and blue combination color for fall season.

See?? The combination of these two colors are so cool and sexy.
I will post my personal outfit with these colors soon.
Well, if you wanna know about the details about the blog post,
you can read it here.

So, you can find many interesting menus from the site.
This idea also has not only helping the customer in finding the right shopping information, but has helping numerous online stores and local vendors in promoting their businesses. Dskon.com do cares everyone, the customer, the businesses, even the littlest one. 

Happy shopping and happy reading, my readers!


xoxo adelle

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