That XX

Holla readers!
I can not believe that it's already 6th of February, time flies really fast.

I think this is gonna be my second look idea in 2013. So, yeah, some of you maybe quite confuse about the title of this post, That XX is one of my favourite song from G-Dragon. Hhmm, yeah, it's a Kpop song... I will put the music video down below this post. Some of you knew the song and some of you don't. Actually, the song is really nice, I already searched for the lyric in english version and ... snap!
I like the song even more! Haha! ^.^

This time, I'm trying to play with pastel colours. Usually I love to play with dark or playful colours and patterns. But today, I did an experiment with my pastel items... but still with a touch of neon pink belt and dark colour clutch. I hope you like it!

About the look...
Unbranded glasses, sweater, belt and bag,
fairy skirt from Loushkii,
Unui necklace,
Fossil watch,
handmade ring.

So, yeah... this is the 'That XX' music video.
My fave part...
" They said love is blind, oh baby you so blind ... "


Thank you for reading!
I hope the look idea is quite inspiring for you.

See ya!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle


  1. i love this outfit so much , very creative & fun , just like your blog , i enjoyed flipping through it , am following you now , wanna follow back ?
    listen can you do a full post on those red zara shoes ? cause am thinking about buying them , wanna know if they are worth the price , thanks again , hope you will reply in a comment on my blog ,

    Come by & check my latest ( weekend @ the mall )

    1. I already show the red studded zara shoes on my shoe haul video ^.^ you can see the details there...

      thank you for reading and following...

      *followed you back :)

  2. of course I knew this song ^^ cuz I'm VIP!
    yes this song is so damn cool! the music video is cool too^^ Gd is th best XD

    love necklace and skirt on your outfit

    Kindly visit my little cream button ♥ | instagram

  3. I love t.o.p but I love this song a lot, they're great rappers :)

  4. very adorable & such a creative style, every piece that you are wearing is covetable!
    the skirt & necklace is superb!!


  5. you look super pretty! ah that xx by GD <3 I'm a VIP too lol.
    love the sweater and bracelet xx

  6. omg, this post is awesome! I love your blog dear <3
    Love, Anna


  7. That's a great outfit..Love everything about it esp the detail on your skirt :)

    Would you like to follow each other?


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