Happy sunday everyone! 
Today I'm wearing a colorful pattern jacket from my own clothing line, La delle Clothing. Well, actually it is still a sample because I only made this for myself and I am planning to make it for sale as soon as possible. I am happy that the jacket looks really nice with the skinny belt. At the beginning I was a bit confused how to wear and pulled out my own design jacket. Haha! So weird. So yeah, I hope that the jacket will be on the market real soon ^.^

By the way, I am so sorry about the quality of the photos for this post. The photos was taken using my iPhone because I forgot to bring my camera and I'm sorry about the background, I want to took the photos outside the house but I was raining, so I decided to do it beside the swimming pool.

About what I am wearing...
today I'm wearing unbranded glasses and skinny jeans,
H&M necklace,
La delle Clothing jacket and tank,
Givenchy bag,
Valentino rockstud flats.

Thank you for reading!
See yaa!

xoxo adelle