just the way you are ...

my #167 look on LOOKBOOK.nu
Well, i like skirt because the pattern is really nice and the color is black and white.
I can imagine myself going to work for a magazine as a fashion stylist wearing this outfit,,
hhmm ... but maybe i will change the shoes because it's a big NO for me to work all day long 
wearing those kind of crazy heels. 
Seriously, i'm not scare of height, but i could die on that heels. 
Trust me,, i adore the shoes but for work i prefer wedges to this killer heels.

Bloop skirt, i bought the clutch from Nanonine

(X) SML 


  1. What a beautiful, cute look. Makes me wish it was picnic weather.

    tdg xx

  2. wow.finally you made a blog.
    im fan of you since lookbook.
    SHOULD follow your blog as i rarely open a lookbook!

    love your look!!! :D

  3. You look so cute! Can see you going to work for a magazine in this outfit too! It's kooky but pretty! And those killer heels are to die for!! Absolutely gorgeous!