Engagement day, part.1

On July 27th, 2013 me and my boyfriend officially engaged. We were so nervous and happy at the same time. I was wearing my favourite kebaya in pink and green. 

I won't talk much about the event. These are some photos that captured many special moments.

Our wedding photos will be coming soon.

Thank you for reading.

xoxo adelle


  1. you look so pretty,dear..
    and feel so happy for you
    congrats :)

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. aaa, happy wedding for you and your hubby kakak.. long last till dead do you both apart :')
    i just realized that you are batak ya.. hihi

  3. Waw ! You got married ! Congratulations !
    I wanted you to know that you are one of my first inspiration in the blogsphere, and it is amazing to see your evolution. And you're one of my inspiration who made me want to start my blog. So thank you and keep going to do your great work ! Congratulations again Adelle :)