Lookbook Jakarta for FimelaFest

Last Saturday, me and my friends from Lookbook Jakarta had an event with Fimela.com
It's FimelaFest. We're there for the fashion show, wearing clothes from the sponsors of the event.
We were there since 9AM for rehearsal. 
Let me tell you about the weather for that day. It was hot and humid.
Aaargh ... I don't like it.

The themes for our fashion show was girly and edgy.
Well, clearly I'm in the first theme, wearing pastel colours clothes and headband with 60's hairstyle.
For the edgy theme, my friends wearing black and another dark color clothes.

Ines, me and Ebi
Astra, Ines and me ... the bunny team.
Me and Kaludia
I bought these two at the Accessorize grand launching ^.^
Tito and Abigail
Anthonick and Klaudia
Klaudia and Stella
Anthonick and Melody
Gabby ... and her shoes.

Let me introduce you to the president of Lookbook Jakarta, Yudhie Ramadhan.
This photo always making me laugh out loud, his face and outfit ... it's edgy,
and then ... tadaaaaaa, he's wearing a huge orange bag. Ohh my God!! Hahaha!!
Sooo funny!

Well, we had a good night and the show went smoothly.
We're not models but rocking the runway is kinda easy thing to do for us.
HAHA!! *sorry*

Well, I think that's it for now.
Thank you for reading.
See ya!!

xoxo adelle


  1. This is cool! i can't watch this show . i'm late :(
    Love all ur shoes! stunning!
    btw i know ines . she is my college friend :D

    Nice post :D


  2. nice blog post. seems like you had fun with them :)


  3. nice event to show your all personality to the world :)
    btw.. i know Melody (she's my friend in college Esmod) and i know Henny Boink too :)
    Keep it up guys !