Accessorize is here!

Holla, readers!
I am (finally) back!
After weeks, now I want to share with you about my last week's experienced with Accessorize,
an accessories store from London.  I was invited to their launching event in Plaza Indonesia.
Accessorize is one of my favourite accessorise brands and it's a hip boutique where women can experiment to create their own style. Accessorize has always been about creativity and street style which mixes, matches and produces a truly unique expression, offering a giant dressing up box where woman can indulge in a spontaneous guilt free shopping experience.

So, now it's time to share with you some photos from the event and some of their products.
I want to have them all!!

I love the sling bag!!
A is for Adelle ... and Accessorize!
My partner in crime for that night, Genu.

About the look...
I was wearing glasses from sixpax,
peach color sweater from Ouval Research,
galaxy print mini skirt from Goitaa boutique,
red suede clutch from Zara.

black necklace - H&M, leaves necklace - forever21
Well, I totally in love with this bag. 
Love the colours, the design and the size of the bag.
Unfortunately, the bag is ... hhmm, pricey. So, I decided to buy it some other time.

So, I think that's it for now.
The point is, I had a really good time that night.
I bought my self a really cool snake and blue eye bracelet using the gift voucher from Accessorize.

Thanks a lot Accessorize!!

See ya, my readers!!

xoxo adelle


    I want those bags! damn I am not in Jakarta for now spoonafternoon.blogspot.com