Almost Famous by Adesagi Kierana

I am so lucky because last month I was invited to a fashion show, Almost Famous by Adesagi Kierana.
Thanks to my friend Salvi (Adesagi's assistant) for inviting me and my friends.
The dresscode for the show was Glamour and Playful.
I was confused and totally have no fuckin' idea what to wear that night.
Clearly I am a playful person, but glamour?? Big NO. 
Well, I don't care. I still gone to the show wearing floral top, black and white skirt, blazer, black tights and black boots.

By the way, if you have no idea who's Adesagi Kierana, click here for more information about him and his colorful and playful and glamour collections.

Well, let's start the show ... it's gonna be a quite long 'show'.

Dewi Sandra

Titi DJ

Manohara ... where's your Birkin bag??

photos by vivanews

photos by adesagi

I always like Adesagi's collection.
The designs, the colors. Two thumbs up!!

Genu --- Ario --- Amril --- Yudhie --- me --- Elco --- Andres --- Marcella

Our personal version of Glamour and Playful outfit.


xoxo adelle

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  1. You all are so cute and fashionable! also love your shoes :))