I love KOREA

I have some reasons why I love South Korea. 
I love their fashion (many Korean are so fashionable), the drama series, and the music (K-Pop).
I don't speak Korea, but I'd love to learn. I really want to visit South Korea.
I would die in happiness if my dad decided to take me to South Korea next year,
 I don't care if the weather is so cold in January. I have coats and boots. The weather won't stop me!
God, please allow me to go to Korea next year, I beg You.

Okey, I'll give you some proofs why I love Korea.
Well, I think it's gonna be a really looong post. 
Just relax and enjoy the photos and videos.

The Fashion

More Seoul street style at YesStylist

The Drama Series

Heartstrings - this one is my favorite!!!
They got music, fashion and of course the story is really interesting.
Totally in love with the actor, Jung Yong Hwa from CN BLUE, he's good looking!! Haha!

Princess Hours

Personal Taste - the actor is extremely good looking ( Lee Min Ho )

Witch Yoo Hee - if you love fashion and movie, you have to watch this drama series.

The music

2 PM - Fly to Seoul
Trust me 2 PM, I really really want to fly to Seoul, Korea.
Wait for me...

CN BLUE - Love

" Yeah! C N to the BLUE (that's right)
To the sky ha get em high
Yes! We ready to go... "

Wonder Girls - Nobody
Same look, same body shape, same moves.
This girls look like twin sisters.

M Signal - I don't Know
I am soooo lucky to found the video of this song with english subtitle,
so I can understand the meaning of the song.
It's a sad sad song, but still, I think it's a beautiful love song.

Kang Min Hyuk - Star
This guy is CN Blue's drummer. 
Even the drummer has such a really nice soothing voice.
I'm happy to find this video, so I can sing along with Min Hyuk.
Haha!!  This song is addicting!!

Well, that's it for now. 
I hope that this topic doesn't make you boring.
See yaa...

xoxo adelle


  1. yea, korean
    fashion movie and music
    are really addictive
    hope you can go to
    korea, soon ! :)

  2. I love Korea as well !


  3. Wow i feel just the same like you about Korea <3
    Love it .

  4. And i've seen all the dramas that you've posted, but not yet "witch too hee" and think i am going to do it right now. LOVE

  5. HEARTSTRINGS!! hell yeahh! love this drama too >.<

  6. I Agree with you del!!! me love korea too!!! Really want continue my study in korea than china!!!

  7. im korean .and im so glad to hear many ppl are interested in korea :) awesomE! hope u be here in next year. im sure you will have fun!