how are you guys??

YES! It's all about boyband!! Haha! I admit it, I love boybands and I grew listening to their songs!
So what?? They have nice voices and they're good looking.
Many people really think that boybands are sucks or lame. But not for me.
I love them. Their songs are great.

I want you back - N'snyc

Okey, J.T surely you shakes your hip better than Shakira in this video.
This video making me laugh out so loud!! 

Get down - Backstreet Boys

I was shocked when I found this music video.
Nick's hair is sooo funny that time. 

Picture of You - Boyzone

My favorite music video from this band.
Mr. Rowan Atkinson made this video really fun to watch! Such a silly man alive.

Crazy - The Moffatts

Moffatt brother started their career as a musician from young age.
I saw the concert in Jakarta when I was in junior high school.
My favorite songs are 'Crazy' and 'LOVE'.

I Lay My Love on You - Westlife

Haha!! My deepest love for this boyband.
I still remember their songs lyrics from the very first album.
I even saw the concert alone when I was in senior high school.
I grew up listening to this guys. But too bad that now the band is breaking up.
Aah.. I miss them A LOT !!

xoxo adelle

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