auf wiedersehen!

Another look to share with you, my readers!
I am so happy while doing this post. This is going to be my last look in 2012.
So excited that 2013 is few hours ahead. I am so happy and thankful that in 2012 my blog readers are increased. Thank you everyone! I hope that in 2013, my blog will be more inspiring and the readers keep increasing. I like to share my ideas, my thoughts and my favourite things with all of you. 

 I was mixing the look wearing my grey cropped cardigan from H&M. But it looks so pale and I think I need more colors for the look. So, I decided to changed the grey one with the green one.

About the look ...
Today I am wearing unbranded round tribal glasses, shirt and cardigan,
Forever21 cross necklace,
Topman leather belt, 
La delle Clothing upcoming collection mini skirt,
Proenza Schouler look alike bag.

The shoes! Yes! Many people love this shoes.
The colours combination is really nice. The tassels are making this shoes looks so vintage and the neon colour will glowing under the UV light. There are no reasons not to love this shoes. I got this from my friend, Jovi. He is the owner of the shoe brand, it's Popsicle. 
Fall in love with the shoes?? Buy them here!

Thank you for reading!
I hope you like the ideas of the look.
See you next year!

xoxo adelle


  1. amazing!!

    Kisses from Pioland, xoxo


  2. love the skirt the shoes the necklace
    love it all!


  3. I love your blog...amazing photos

    Let's follow each other?

  4. Aww your style is so lovely! I love all the playful and colourful pieces you put together!

    Have a lucky new year! :)

  5. I love your style! Those sunglasses are so cute :)

  6. What an adorable look!! Hope you have a great new years!


  7. I love your top & those glasses! :)

    Kindly visit our handmade shop :) http://lavitaebella-shop.blogspot.com

  8. nice top


  9. Love your bag and shooeeessss <3333