trend i love..

As you can see that lately so many fashion lovers around the world wearing many kinds of animal face sweater and all of them are soooo cute. I am truly in love with this trend. You can wear the sweater in so many ways and it always look cool. You can wear it with your mini or maxi skirt, over your shirt, with your shorts, jeans or even leather pants. Too many ways, you can mix and match the sweater with your stuffs. So easy ^.^

This is my way to wear my animal sweater from the previous post.
I will keep trying to be more creative to mix and match this yellow bright sweater.
You can also share with me your look wearing your animal sweater and if I like it I will add your photo  and your blog link to this post as one of the inspirations photo.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good monday!

xoxo adelle

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