hey boy..

Today was so tiring for me. I went out to see my friend at noon and it was awful. The traffic jam was stressing and even worse when I'm going back to see my boyfriend. Perfect combination between 4.30PM + heavy rain in Jakarta, the result is horrible traffic jam. Right now I am in pain. Haha. But seriously, I have migraine while typing this post. I took medicine few minutes ago, hopefully that the pain is gone in few minutes. 

H&M wayfarer glasses and brown satchel bag,
Topshop galaxy print legging,
Boy London sweater.

Such a really comfy look for wet season in Jakarta.
Sometimes it getting cold here and I need to wear this kind of outfit to go out.
The sweater is really comfy! Like it a lot!

Well, I need to have some rest now.
Thank you for reading!

xoxo adelle