I hate monday!

Today is not a really good day for me lots of (sucks) things happened in just few hours. First, today I went to a mall to buy a gift for my boyfriend's mom, I went to Zara and when I entering the store, the security alarm is on and for me, that's sucks and instantly turning my mood down. Second, from Zara, I moved to Hero to buy some fruits. I paid with my debit card and the cashier said it was declined after couple times he tried the card, okay, I decided to use another debit card from different bank and the payment was okay. Arrived at home I got texts and it said that I've done transaction using my debit card, twice. Jeez! I thought it was declined! Oh my God! I am so confuse right now. I'm trying to call the call centre and it is in error situation. Nothing wrong with my card and it is declined and the bank said that I've done transactions using this card. I am going crazy. Really.

 Clearly I need a mood booster right now!

About the look ...
Today I am wearing a tribal print sweater from Sheinside,
mini skirt from La delle Clothing,
gold clutch - I bought it from eBay.

Wings choker necklace - I bought it at a bazaar, so it is unbranded,
chunky ring - I made it myself,
unbranded skull bracelet,
baby pink bracelet - Forever21.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day to all of you!

xoxo adelle


  1. ugh mondays suck.
    everyone has one of those days when everything seems to go wrong.
    i hope rest of the week is better...
    but you look cute at least! haha :)


    1. thank you =] ... and yeah, i hope that everything is going better for the rest of the week...

  2. well, we must be more carefull these days...
    btw your skirt is amazing I like the colors on it