triple leo

Hello dearest readers!
Happy sunday to all of you.
Today, I am wearing this, my new yellow sweater.
Yeah, it's finally here. You must be recognise it from my previous post.
It is seriously lovely and the yellow colour is really nice.
It's inspired me to wear my leopard print short from my own clothing line, La delle Clothing
and of course my mini bag from Celine (which is one of my fave bag!)

It's raining season here in Jakarta and the weather is quite cold sometimes, 
so the sweater can help you with the weather, BUT it can be so humid sometimes,
that's why I am wearing my black sheer studded collar shirt, 
so I can take off my sweater if the weather is getting humid. Easy (^^,)

About the look ...
I am wearing unbranded yellow sweater,
unbranded black sheer shirt, 
La delle Clothing leopard shorts (you can buy it here),
Celine bag,
cat eye glasses from proopticals.

unbranded skull bracelet and real gold rings

Some people might think that it's not okay to wear matching patterns from head to toe.
Hhmm ... I think it depends on how you choose the colours and patterns.
Well, I hope this look will inspired you!
Thank you for reading.

xoxo adelle


  1. nice sweater and bag!
    can't wait to wear mine too:)


  2. Replies
    1. thank you! ^.^ i also like your leopard shorts ...

  3. wow, your jumper is real cute, love it!

  4. love your jumper, love the colour !

  5. dare to be different with triple combi of leo printing in your outfit are cooll!

    Love your style


  6. I like that sweater, shirt, shorts, aaaa everything XD Hahahah mau mau mauuuu ~