let's talk about love!

I wanna share with you, my readers, my current Indonesian music. These three songs are about love. Speaking about love, last month, on November 11th, me and my boyfriend celebrated our 7th anniversary. Yeah, we've been together for 7 years now!! Wow! The longest relationship I've ever had with a guy. Haha! We've been through lots of things together, from the worst and the wonderful one.
Hopefully it will lasts forever.
Wish us luck!

The first one is Orang ke-3 by HiVi!
This song is about a guy who fall in love with a beautiful girl, 
but unfortunately she's already in relationship with someone else.
This guy is so disappointed and he considered to stick with her waiting until she left
her boyfriend and then he's going to make her his.

The second song is Karena kamu cuma satu by Naif.
Actually it's not a really new song, I knew this song from last year 
but I'm still listening to this song. This song is about a guy who really fall in love
with his girlfriend (which is good, in my opinion. Haha!) and he is so happy every time
she's around and he ask her to be with him in good and bad times.

The third song is Berdua by Jeremy Calvin.
This one also about love, about a guy who ask his girlfriend to be with him forever.
I think this song is such a really sweet song and it would be really nicer and sweeter
if your boyfriend sing this song for you. Haha!

Well, maybe some of you don't really understand about the song because it's in Bahasa.
But, you can watch the video and listen to the song, it's really nice.
Maybe you can googling for the lyric and search for the english version of it.

Happy watching and listening!
Spread the love!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle

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