I always wondered what it was like being at the backstage of a fashion show of the world. Haha! You know, I really wanted to feel to be in the middle of hectic and busy atmosphere between the models, hair stylists and makeup and clothes by the world famous designers design hanging and ready to be exhibited and sold. I want to feel to be a regulator when the model must rise to the runway in a timely manner. I want to also be a stylist or even the model, so I can walk wearing beautiful and fantastic clothes on the runway that makes me drool and want to have it all.


  1. Hola Adelle, I saw you on lookbook and I loved the outfit's "somewhere in brooklyn" i am a crush with the pants!and now I see you are from Indonesia!!! I LOVE INDONESIA!i want to go so badlyyy, beautiful country! and also beautiful blog

    a kiss from Venezuela

    come to my blog,