good as gold

Nyla knitted top, Nyla harem pants, unbranded wedges
 This look is kinda simple and looks a bit vintage.
As usual, i am back to basic colors. Champagne, grey and brown.
The knitted top is awesome, i like it a lot. I just bought it this afternoon.
Hhhmm, hopefully the harem pants fits the top pretty well.
The whole look is so comfy ^^,
I hope i look more mature by wearing this kind of clothes. Haha!!

" Tell me what you want
Tell me what you want
Cuz our time is made of gold
And we can spend it all night if we spent it right
Let's take as much as we can hold
Now I'm reaching out an empty hand
Hold it there until it's full
Make it last, cause this is all we have
A love as
good as gold "


  1. I like your lookbook and your blog!! :O



  2. cute outfit.. wish the pics were a little bigger..:)

  3. Came across your blog through What I Wear, and I love it!
    You have awesome style :)
    Basic colors can be made interesting by texture and design, and your outfit demonstrates this. Love the pants and your top. The accessories completed the look!
    Count me as your newest follower girl!