i o n, orchard

How are you lovelies??
Hopefully all of you have such a good day.
I am almost dead in happiness when I found out that my hotel in Hong Kong has such a really good internet connection. So, now I can updating my blog.

These photos was taken by my brother when we were in Singapore on last Saturday.
Me and my family had a really good time there.
Our favorite places in Singapore are Orchard, Marina Bay and Raffless area.
My personal favorite place is H&M!!!!
Haha... my father didn't give me much time to shop, the most important thing is that he didn't give me much money to spend. Haha! 
Aaargh! Really want to go back to Singapore really soon!


Topshop bag, Zara boots

Messy room at Supreme Hotel

Bugis is one of the craziest place to shop.
But, my dad asked to came there just to buy socks for himself.
I was drooling over the shoes and vintage dresses.
I wanna kill myself when I left and I got nothing from there.
I think some of my friends will kill me because I have nothing for them.
No time, no money, no opportunity.
So sorry guys!

Little India

Hhmm, I have to go now, it's midnight here. 
I am exhausted.
See you soon! I'll tell you more about the trip tomorrow =]

xoxo adelle


  1. Lovely pictures and super cute outfit .. love your blog ♥

  2. You´re awesome! I love the pic*

  3. your bag is so vintage-ish :D
    oh and the flower are so wonderfuuul!

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  4. looks like youve been having fun x

  5. have a fun holiday!<3 love ur style:) mind follow back each other?:*

  6. thank you lovelies, i had super fun in singapore! =]

    vania, la delle is still in production, it's my own clothing line, i will write about it as soon as possible when the clothes are ready =]